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  • Dretto ·
    Like many others I'm looking for Verified Seller status. I put in my bid in a little over a week ago. Since you're listed as one of the gate keepers I'm hoping you can help me out.
    malthazar2013 ·
    I have a classified ad posted "1995 3000GT SL Spyder - Westchester NY $8,800"... I recently lowered the price. Is it possible to edit the title, on the main splash page (where all the posts are listed) to reflect the lower price? or can/should I remove this post and start a new post? Thank you
    Wally.j ·
    Hello, would like to get verified to sell in classified section. Thanks in advance for your assistance! John Walters
    dpxheli ·
    Hoping to be verified so I can sell my extra parts from my buy two cars to create one build please ? thanks,
    Gt_Javier_A7X ·
    hey sharkbait, for some reason I am not able to post at all? Is their any reason to this? I had posted just fine about 3 months ago
    kevken1959 ·
    Hi. I've been a member a long time. I've been away from the site a while. I just paid the $40 for lifetime membership. I been trying to post a car for sale almost a week and no matter what I do, I'm blocked. Please help. Thanks.

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    dj tech12zz ·
    Hi, did I fill out everything correctly to be a verified seller? I have a lot of great parts that I need to sell to fund my 6262 build.
    Porsche86 ·
    Hey sharkbait - made a request about 2 weeks ago to become a verified seller. Understand this is volunteer time, but just wanted to see when an expect decision will come?
    VR4_007 ·
    Can you please send a password reset for my old account? VR4_007? the email it has associated with it is an old one and I no longer have access to it. I have sent messages to other mods but I got a notice that the reset was sent to the email I no longer use, can you send it to the email with this account? TY
    paintfumes ·
    Is there any way to change the price in the title of my ad? I would like to change it to reflect the current price in the post
    jeremy34771 ·
    Hello, I am trying to sell my dodge stealth and I am unable to do so. Could you please see why this is as I have been a member for quite some time. Thank you and please PM me.
    jonezj ·
    Mind verifying me as a seller? I did everything the read me post said to and have been on the site over 4 years. Just now have something to sell for the first time!
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