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  • axle1984 ·
    Hi Donnie, I ended up buying Paul Ghering's VR4 after he threw the rod. He said he used to be active on 3si back in the day but I don't know his handle. Anyway, the shortblock is trash but the heads are good. Still trying to figure out which way to run on that but while I have the tranny out of the car it seems wise to rebuild it since it has 175k on it. Any chance this is something you would be interested in doing? If so please get in touch with me. Thanks!
    Revilo ·
    Hello, I live in surprise. I have a 1999vr4 project that has been put aside while I was going through an ugly divorce. I am ready to focus my attention back on the car. I am looking to hire someone to complete the project and I know you are the expert on these cars in this area and very well known. Please let me know if you are interested.
    vcstealth6 ·
    I havent removed and bearing covers to check but some have a little play. I'm just spending my time cleaning up the tranfer case and changing the fluids and seals while I think about what it could be. If you have the time of course I would appreciate some advice, and if I need a rebuilt engine I would love to piece together a strong bottom end I can throw some real power at! Thanks in advance! Emmanuel V.
    vcstealth6 ·
    Hi Donniekak, My 91 TT has been bugging me. Im just looking for some great advice and all I hear is good stuff about how knowledgeable you are with these cars. So, I thought I spun a bearing since my oil pressure dropped and I stalled while driving on the freeway. I checked the oil for metal....none I dropped the oil metal shavings at all. I remember when I would click the key to the second notch while waiting for the tow truck my boost guage was at zero..I swear it normally is supposed to show vacuum right? Also not sure if this is related but 3 weeks prior my turbo would make a slight whinning sound but there wasnt much play. Would the turbo seal cause zero vacuum if thats what "broke".
    Artur009 ·
    Hey someone on FB 3000gt group told me that you might have a forged crank for sale. I have oversize bearings and my engine is at a machine shop but my crank is not salvageable so Im looking for another one. If you have one shoot me a text 708 691 4975. Thanks
    Dizzyfizz ·
    Hello! I was the one that bought your mitsubishi 3000gt. I've been lurking around on the forums for info, and what not. Anyways, I found some posts by you and I thought i'd throw you a friend request.
    Drewcifer ·
    Sorry it took me so long. I just sent this to an admin.
    Some time ago I had placed a negative feedback for donniekak, because of what my machine shop had told me about the crankshaft he sold me. They had originally told me it had to be welded because it was cracked. I gave him a negative and he gave me a revenge negative. I reported it and then later sent it out to be magnafluxed and there was no crack revealed. If the negative is still effecting him please have it removed. There were some nics that had to be polished out, but they were minor, and in no way were an issue to the quality of the part he sold me. The part is installed in my engine and when I finally drop it, I have full confidence in it.

    Once again sorry.
    CarthageGT ·
    A GTR trans/lambo trans or paddle shifts still does not qualify as manual its closer related to auto hence GTR has "automatic shift mode" and its fastest in auto mode.
    KnockingStealth ·
    I am in Dayton Ohio. I have had pretty good luck with old JDM engines as long as I can check them out first, but let me know what you can get.
    El Comandante ·
    Thats koo. Have you started the further upgrades? :D Let me know if you find any other 3S's at the junks. I found a bunch of great things a little bit ago (and I was there looking for window wipers for the van).
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