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  1. Throttle Body Rebuild

    I will tell you, I've never used moly spray inside the throttle body. Funny the FSM mentions nothing about the spray either. And even if they did, it would only be around the shaft. Trust me, I have my original 27K mile Spyder one in a box (not rebuilt), and it has almost no soot on it...
  2. Throttle Body Rebuild

    FIAV are all the same. Also check to make sure your throttle cable is not pulled too tight, have seen that happen on more than one occasion. With your data logger, can you see if the idle switch is "on" when at idle?
  3. Throttle Body Rebuild

    Also I should add, if your cold idle is the same as warm idle, it's most likely your FIAV. 91/92 TB have, in my experience, 80% failure rate.
  4. Throttle Body Rebuild

    you need to adjust the SAS. They NEVER go back together exactly the same as before. a little light is okay, the throttle plate is not meant to fully close, there will always be a very small gap.
  5. Is anyone rebuilding throttle bodies.

    Engine - Turbo
    Im still doing them occasionally. I'm not taking any order until after next week, have too many doctor's appt and need to see where we stand after that.
  6. April Best Polished Plenum and Throttle Body

    Parts for Sale
    it will fit 91-95
  7. April Best Polished Plenum and Throttle Body

    Parts for Sale
    Good gosh, at that price I'm half tempted to buy it back, refinish, and resell. LOL. Because my fresh polish jobs sell for almost double what you're asking.
  8. Locked out of welcome forum...

    Community Help
    I honestly thought it was closed to members once they have posted in it after so many minutes.
  9. Where are all the admins?

    Honestly with everything that is going on right now, I don't need another app on my phone to keep up with. I've tried tapatalk in the past and hated it. And I type twice as bad on a phone vs a computer. Like I said, I try to check the forums but since my husband's cancer came back, yeah I...
  10. Where are all the admins?

    No, we see are your reported posts about not having pictures on a for sale ads. We don't do anything because the seller clears says to text him for pictures and gives his phone number. And we are NOT admins, we are moderators. All we can do is alert the AF admins to the issue as we don't have...
  11. Idle and Detonation Problem

    New Owner Questions
    I'm going to go with vacuum leak or bad FIAV. Idle not going to go down unless you plug up where the extra air is coming from. Only way to properly test the FIAV is to tear apart the throttle body. Also on 24yr old car, your shaft seals are shot (yes even on a N/A, they will still be a vacuum...
  12. IPS Quad Tip

    Parts Wanted
    You can always just add a resonator and muffler to it. I know the previous owner to my v1 IPS exhaust did.
  13. 2nd gen TT Upper Plenum and MTX Transaxle

    Parts Wanted
    Just an FYI, there are three different TT intakes: 91-95, 96/97, and 98/99.
  14. OEM ECS Strut Rears? anywhere to buy it cheaper?

    Parts Wanted
    I would NEVER buy used suspension components like shocks, especially ECS and lowering a car. Mine decided to blow at 28K miles. But hey I like doing it right the first time instead of doing it again. Because lowering the car will definitely be harder on the ECS.
  15. OEM ECS Strut Rears? anywhere to buy it cheaper?

    Parts Wanted
    OEM parts are only going to get more expensive. I know prices jumped up this year compared to last year. Break down and just buy the struts now before prices go up again. Or worse they become obsolete. Also get a new strut insulator and pad as well. Have yet to see anybody rebuild these...