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  • ulose ·
    Hello, Can you please help me, I cannot post in the classified section, Ive bought almost 3K dollars worth of stuff off this site, but I still cannot post in the parts for sell. Ive sent emails, Ive read everything and posted my name and where im from, I dont get it. What do I have to do to sell Dodge Stealth parts on this site?

    TLVDoghouse ·
    I applied for seller verification about two weeks ago. Am I missing something or are you backlogged? I have a lot of spare parts and preparing for a garage sale.
    araggi43 ·
    hey just wondering if you have any 94 glass headlights completed with robo mod and halos or that could be completed... I'd offer 650 for a completed set!? Thanks
    justin22 ·
    Hey I'm Justin I was wondering if you can help me? I bought a greddy fmic from 92white3sx for $640 through paypal i found it from the parts for sale and I paid him on September 20th and he emailed me all day that day til I paid him an once he got the money he verified it he said he would ship it out that following Monday and email me when he shipped it. So Monday comes an no fmic I tried to call him and email him and when I tried to call him he's phone said he's not accepting calls and he hasn't responded to me since I paid him. It just seems like he's scamming me is there anyway you can help me ?
    Scorpio1120 ·
    hi April,
    I have been trying to contact you to have my TB rebuilt. what is the best way to contact you. I send you a few private message but no response.
    GRabberOrange ·
    Sent a PM, could you please correct my Bday in my profile? Thanks a million in advance (P.S. I do charge interest if it's not done).
    SunDown13X ·
    hey April, hows it going?

    hey sorry to bother you. i was gonna make a thread but i figured i will asked a mod first...

    anyway the threads in the cars for sale section can be moved or closed if the cars have been sold?

    im not sure if you noticed but i been spending a lot of time in that section of the forums and noticed there is a lot of cars sold that still have open threads. I need to be closed off or moved. It may make it easier to find something that may still be available even if its a few months old.
    camaro0281 ·
    hey good to be back... been workin on the 3s... problem is idles ok and flooring it does ok.. sputters in between... theory is throttle body or intake leak... or possible fuel pump???
    Wisconsinite ·
    Hi I was hoping you could approve my verification request for the classifieds. I have some parts I need to sell before I move this next month. I'd really appreciate it, thanks.
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