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  • toadman ·
    hi april ,
    i fixed my new cell phone # can you please help me set up to sell in the for sale classifieds section ?thanks,todd
    antvr4tt ·
    Hello there April, im trying to see if my account can get approved to sell. trying to sell a set of DR turbos i got be using no more.
    jonezj ·

    I got a new TB from you almost a year ago now. My ISC is on the fritz. Pegging 65 counts and pulling idle to 1500-1700 with AC on and higher with the pulsing surge if AC is off.

    Just curious if it was a new ISC you put in (I assumed yes) and is it a new FIAV as well? I am posting a troubleshooting thread with logs showing the pegged ISC count in the turbo engine section. Just looking for your input or advice. Thanks!
    3000vr4tt ·
    hey a couple guys posted on my thread saying to ask you, im running my car on aem v2 and i was wondering about either putting an fiav blocking plate or delete plate. would the aem tune for that and also if i can delete the iac? i also have a iac block from monnin i got few years ago
    aiRwrEcktiOn ·
    April, long time no talk. Seeing as you are the master of headlights, I need help.
    If I were to RoboMod + angel eyes, How would I wire my angel eyes to work with my parking lights? which 90mm ccfl in your opinion is the best to use?
    spyder95vr4 ·
    I know you likely get a lot of these requests, no rush... But any chance you could take a look at my account and let me know if I can be approved to sell in classifieds?
    D2BRLO ·
    Hi April I updated my contact information, I must have hit one wrong number typing it in. Please let me know if I will be approved now. Thank you.
    3kpotato ·
    Hey April, I for some reason cannot post in the classifieds, I've been able to previously but I became inactive is there anyway you can fix this? I'm in search of an engine and would like to post an ISO post
    sammymac75 ·
    Hello my name is Sam. I requested to be a verified seller about a month ago but have not received an approved or denied. Could you review this? thank you for your time.
    D2BRLO ·
    Hi my name is Rob, I had requested about 3 weeks ago to be a verified seller but have not gotten any reply. I've been a member since 2010 but was never very active so I believe my forum posting has been blocked too I've been unable to reply to any posting. Please let me know if there is anything I need to do, thanks for your time.
    peterlonz ·
    So finally I discover who April is!!

    I have a 1991 NA, DOHC, AWD, 3000GT - Automatic.
    Having trouble with idle speeds.
    My ISC is new & throttle body has been cleaned.
    I suspect TB shaft seals & possible malfunctioning FIAV.
    Dealership says faulty PCV valve but that seems unlikely(?).
    Are you still in business doing full TB/FIAV rebuild & test?
    If yes current price for this rebuild please.
    jch213 ·
    Hello, I applied for verification in the classifieds a few weeks ago. Could you please review so I can post my ad?
    Thanks - Jason
    makeuthnk ·
    You gave me verified seller status a few months ago. Went to post my ad today and denied access. Can you re-verify so I can post my ad? Thanks!
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