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  • andronitrate ·
    happy 4th! just wanted to ask ya a ?. you have or had dr750's with 550cc injectors, everyone seems to recommend 650cc+ how did the 550's work out for you?
    bludsyppur ·
    I was curious if you could send me the pics of your 3 gauge cluster install and a little bit of information about how you did it. I am looking at doing it myself but I have heard it can be a nightmare. For whatever reason, your pictures are not showing up on your post on my computer.
    Drweldin ·
    Sounds like you did a 2G brake conversion on your car? Hoping you can help me with a coupel of ?'s
    1) Am I safe to assume all I need for the front is calipers, rotors, and pads?
    2) No reason to do the rears right?

    PM me will ya
    carrayz ·
    :)man i dig your stealth.looks sweeet been looking for some one thats done the front like yours.going to do any pix that i could ponder.thanks
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