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  • Drewcifer ·
    Some time ago I had placed a negative feedback for donniekak, because of what my machine shop had told me about the crankshaft he sold me. They had originally told me it had to be welded because it was cracked. I gave him a negative and he gave me a revenge negative. I reported it and then later sent it out to be magnafluxed and there was no crack revealed. If the negative is still effecting him please have it removed. There were some nics that had to be polished out, but they were minor, and in no way were an issue to the quality of the part he sold me. The part is installed in my engine and when I finally drop it, I have full confidence in it.
    white1995vr4 ·
    I would like to put up an ad for a front bumper asssembly but I am unable to post in the classified forums.
    Can you please change my account so I am able to post in the classified section?
    Thanks in Advance for your help.
    Neno's Fiji TT ·

    I have been here for 2 months and I got banned because I'm being accused of having pictures of someone else and because I have the same zipcode as someone else. I did not see that in the rules that if I have the same zipcode as someone, Ill be banned. I took my pictures with my camera and now Im being blamed for something unfair and unjust. Can you help me resolve this issue, please. I dont know who to contact about this issue.
    ericthomas ·
    Sorry to bring this to your attention, but I need help resolving a dispute with a site sponsor/paid vendor, Mitoska1977.

    At 07-18-2010, 12:50 PM I posted this advert:

    "WTB ecu for 92 RT
    Need a good ecu for a 92 RT FWD auto (fed) shipped to BC.

    My own 159963 fails to..."

    Josh Mitoska responded to the advert and about three months later I purchased an ECU.

    I was confused why the supposedly good ECU didn't start my car and therefore I never found the underlying problem. I gave up and parked the car for the winter.

    Recently I sent the ECU to be rebuilt by another member (eric rymer) who informed me the ECU Mitoska had sold me was in fact for a SOHC engine.

    I informed Mitoska of this mistake and gave him sufficient time to respond. Since he sent me the wrong part I believe a return is in order.

    GTwizard ·
    I am paid in full as a life time member. Why do I keep seeing a message that I am not allowed to respond to posts on the new post forum. Something is very wrong and you need to take a look at what needs to be done to correct this. I have been a member for a long time and now I am seeing I am not allowed to do things that I have been able to do in the past. Whats up with that?
    VR4god ·
    Can you change the subject on my post in Turbo cars from;

    Hotwired relay live wire grounded to one of the ground wires on relay. Now no spark
    to" Hotwired Fuel Pump sparked to another wire on same relay. Need advice
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