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  • Lord Warlock ·
    Smoke usually comes down to VSS, Blown turbos, or a bad headgasket. When my VSS went bad it smoked at idle at a light, then would stop smoking as much when driving off. In order to get to the heads to replace the VSS you would have to take off much of 60k parts, so makes sense to go ahead and do that at same time, just provide the parts to the shop you take it to. However, you should read up on blown turbos as they smoke too, it could be either, and both repairs cost over 1200, VSS cost me 1200 when I did it. I did new turbos when I replaced my engine.
    familyMAN ·
    Looks good because of the whole package: Rims, body color snake eyes and a FMIC flipped compared to everyone else so that the angles match the bumper and able to keep fog lights.

    And thanks:)
    bluee3000gt ·
    They fit great. Just barely clears the front calipers. Ive had them with both tein springs and coilovers (which is what im running) and they rarelyyyy rub. And yeah thats the size. Good luck finding a set.
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