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  1. Any way to save a 3000gt with broken pump due to bad install
  2. What do I need for Emanage Blue
  3. 3S ECU Reverse Engineering Discussion Thread
  4. New To Datalogging...
  5. Active aero simulator
  6. Calling out help from big dogs
  7. !! Safc 2 +dr arc 2!!
  8. just curious - 4B11T engine Use in 3000GT FWD
  9. Using 99 ECU harness on a 1G
  10. Hydraulic Lifters - Racing Applications
  11. WOT too rich - Chrome tuning
  12. OEM vs Solid Timing Belt Tensioners
  13. Palm datalogging still a thing?
  14. Intermitent stall/cut out.
  15. All the gauges without the wiring mess
  16. coil on plug
  17. Engine rods
  18. How to use your data logging info.
  19. Dissecting the AEM v1 for inspection and potential EPROM replacement
  20. asking for EVO MAF install help
  21. Wincaps
  22. 99VR4 tuning and engine management
  23. Need feedback on 2k RPM hold datalog
  24. Computer/fuel question
  25. Methanol/Water Injection Controller Arduino Project
  26. PHEV Conversions
  27. AEM pickup comp delay question
  28. Tmo software help!
  29. Cylinder drop after use of NLTS or Launch Control
  30. Has anyone ever done a DBW conversion?
  31. I've tried...95 Spyder VR4 with chrome o2 issues
  32. A Brick flash ecu
  33. Valve deshrouding and head gasket choices
  34. Digital Climate Control
  35. Looking for a safc II tuning person!!
  36. Scanmaster 3 help.
  37. single turbo on NA ECU
  38. Reading rpm with an Arduino cpu?.
  39. Question about Chrome ECU...
  40. Brand new dealer ecu's. Do they have the newer capacitors?
  41. Power steering sensor delete /ecu
  42. Parking Brake as a 12v Relay Trigger Okay?
  43. Air Inake Relocation
  44. evoscan does not register knock
  45. Harness connector B21: Ign Pwr Trans
  46. Experienced Chumpcar team looking for experienced driver.
  47. Setting up a base tune
  48. stacked vs fin&plate transmission cooler??
  49. Fuel Pump Issue?
  50. Camgear machine shop question
  51. Dual TB on stock manifold
  52. Custom intake manifold
  53. vr4/tt front wheel bearing specs
  54. raspberry pi controller replace ECS, Exaust, and HVAC
  55. The age old Maf-t IAT question!.
  56. Electrical Load Switch…has gone bad?
  57. Found CAS harness/plug
  58. How to disable alternator (for tuning dwell)
  59. Timing chain vs timing belt
  60. Vr4 Build to YOUR PERSONAL spec
  61. AEM EMS -- use logs to determine which cylinder is knocking?
  62. Crazy turbo with an Electric motor/generator in the middle
  63. $4 fan controller for 92 TT ECU in a 95 SL
  64. Wiring help for digital climate control conversion
  65. Which is better 93 Octane or Ethonal Mix?
  66. active aero converaion onto stealth tt
  67. MAFT v2 tuning
  68. O2 reading fluctuations
  69. eManage Ultimate Options
  70. MAFT tuning for chrome ecu
  71. AEM EMS 30 -1310 installed into 3K
  72. Hooked on Xylene :-)
  73. ABS wire harness different for '92 and '94 Stealth AWD
  74. here's some new td04's I've been working on, what do you think?
  75. megasquirt in a 92 3000gt?
  76. Stand alone ecu/harness
  77. Data logging Chrome ECU
  78. ABS upgrade?
  79. Cruise control pin out voltages. Help.
  80. Help me identify these ECU power modules
  81. VR4 back n the road, Flash ECU and other stuff
  82. Stock ECU Timing During Overrun [10 degree jump]
  83. 750cc injectors on e85 stock turbos on chrome possible?
  84. JDM ECU in fed spec car.
  85. ITBs and boost
  86. ECU swapping.
  87. Emanage blue 550 pte injectors 19t turbo upgrade works
  88. Need link to get obd1 bloothtooth adapter
  89. MAF range of authority
  90. SAFC II Tuning - CntrlSwitch How-To
  91. innovate lc-1 narrow band output to both banks possable
  92. Sony Clie Datalogger SJ22 (help)
  93. MAFT/SAFCII Install.
  94. tips on how to bleed the hydraulic system for spyder?
  95. OBD reading question
  96. Shop Needs Help
  97. Aftermarket clutch assist - anybody make one for a stiff clutch??
  98. Need info on how the TCU controls the transmission
  99. 1st gen heads on 2nd gen block
  100. Apexi SAFC NEO Tuning Maps For Dodge Stealth!
  101. How to log extral From scanmaster3
  102. AEM EMS coil driver setup!
  103. Emanage Sub Injector Channel
  104. Help w/datalog on Evoscan
  105. Good reads to clarify turbos, injs, hp, etc
  106. emanage blue question please help
  107. JDM to USDM *pics
  108. What is connector # for Fusebox
  109. anyone ever look into variable cam timing?
  110. jdm harness + US fusebox
  111. cheap OBD1 scanner option?
  112. Black Stone Oil Report --- Not Good!!!
  113. Stock fuel injectors; best/safest AWHP discussion
  114. ECU Wire Harness/Extension
  115. Using AEM EMS, anyone remove their injector resistor pack?
  116. MAF-T wtih E-85
  117. Air bags generational differences
  118. O2 sensor ECU input resistors
  119. Need technical support...
  120. Na Ecu on Tt questions problems
  121. 4-channel ABS upgrade
  122. ?? about 99 ecu in earlier models.....
  123. Reading logging software
  124. Eliminate rear wheel steering
  125. Hand Held Halo Datalogger for 94 Hybrid?
  126. dataloggin cable mmcd-- passive to active?
  127. MMCD WB Logging not correct!! AFR Conversion wrong!!
  128. When to use a datalogger
  129. new hood
  130. AEM EMS start up Cal ... Please look..
  131. AEM 2 EMS - standart calibration need!
  132. How To: Logging more than 160 Load and 1600HZ with EVOScan (tested)
  133. WIDE BAND VS SAFC Nitrous Tuning? Help
  134. AEM EMS isn't connecting to laptop
  135. ECU Help Please
  136. Having issues with 'new' car
  137. wideband gauge choice?
  138. HHH data logging shows lean but seam to be running rich
  139. apexi safc version 1
  140. DIY 94-97 to 98-99 Patch Harness Parts
  141. data logger
  142. Aem ems wont shut off
  143. How to: Raise/Disable Fuel Cut
  144. How To: Logging more than 160 Load and 1600HZ with EVOScan
  145. Logging WB with scanmaster and HHH
  146. obd questions
  147. EVO scan
  148. ECU Schematic.
  149. How to: Tuning fuel and MAF tables with ECUFlash
  150. How to: Tune Scaling and Latency tables for larger fuel injectors using ECUFlash
  151. Calling on '99 VR4 Owners & 3KG Guru's
  152. Variable assist steering?
  153. TPS used for tuning a suspension?
  154. Coil on Plug Info
  155. What will be required to convert a 6g72 to run on LNG?
  156. Transfercase Bracket Design
  157. At what point do the TD04 hot sides become a restriction (based on MAP?).
  158. Fuel setup Questions
  159. Solidworks Files of 3S engine & transfer case
  160. benefit of billet main caps
  161. wix vs. magnafine
  162. 99 VR4 ECUFlash definition file
  163. ford fuel pump 380lph for $80
  164. 98-99 ECU Reflash. No BS Q&A
  165. OpenPort 2.0 STANDALONE datalogging. 94-99 3S
  166. Interesting Crank Shaft information - The answer?
  167. airflow (hz) vs fuel demand
  168. Need a 2m tech to help map an IC
  169. First logs with evoscan
  170. question about head spacers
  171. Creating a piggy-back for the 3S.
  172. Evoscan "No Response from Vehicle ECU"
  173. Trevor's handy dandy injector calculator (Excel)
  174. Successful 98 SL reflash in NG09 parking lot
  175. Degree in Ultra Race Weld
  176. My Evo 8 Maf conversion!
  177. Properly Swapping a hybrid ECU into a 96 VR4
  178. Cutting Ground Strap on NGK copper spark plugs?.
  179. Dual pump "on demand".
  180. MAF vs Flow bench?
  181. Gutted and ported MAF sensor.
  182. Logging 95 with EvoScan - SUCCESS!!
  183. Electrical Issue needing old timer help
  184. Lightweight rotational mass - the math!
  185. Beating a dead horse...
  186. The erikgross method revisited...
  187. *Research* Post your ECU pics
  188. Oil-101 What Weight Oil Should You Run?
  189. Using Nitromethane as a Nitrous oxide substitute?.
  190. Anyone up for a $7 "hybrid" logging cable?
  191. Electical break in the ignition system, where the heck is it!?
  192. Compression loss
  193. Cng???
  194. The OEM parts limitation thread
  195. Car locks its self when you unlock it.
  196. Any1 logged differences of car on & off Meth/H20 to see the knock diff?
  197. camshaft design
  198. Advantages and disadvantages of valvetrain desing
  199. VGT turbos
  200. Using 3 or 4 cylinders to save gas in a 3S
  201. iPhone/iTouch as a datalogger?
  202. Exhaust manifold flange, potential new product. Potential existing part models.....
  203. AC on, all throttle 4000RPM issues cease.
  204. CNG or HCNG powered/supplemented 3s?
  205. Oil Cooler info and Bypass valve info ( Inlet / Outlet specifications ) and accusump
  206. Water/Meth Injection Q&A (Labonte MotorSports)
  207. Automatic start
  208. Intake temperature?
  209. 12v high cfa fans/brake ducting
  210. Modeling the 6G72 TT in Ricardo Wave Dynamics
  211. Aero Efficiency/downforce at the rear of the car?
  212. need expert to calculate compression
  213. Digital Climate Control Pinout?
  214. Anyone else done tests with Acetone
  215. Auto on/off with ignition for PDA dataloggers
  216. AEM gauge Wideband used for OEM ECU
  217. combating resonance (exhaust, intake)
  218. forum moderator
  219. Turbo sizing discussion (Advanced Tech - Non3S)
  220. harmonic balancer discussion
  221. High Powered FWD- Front Suspenion Issues
  222. (((Mitsubishi MUT-II/MUT-III Datalogger)))
  223. Why not ?
  224. Pre Turbo Methanol injection.
  225. cAmS questions (aftermarket)
  226. Remote oil resevoir for TC?.
  227. Increase oil presure?
  228. Still no spark at 3-6
  229. E85 Powered VR4?
  230. leakdown shakedown!
  231. 6g74 crank options
  232. need blueprinting help
  233. Adjustable Cam gears
  234. Custom Light Wiring??
  235. TT vs. NA cams
  236. Solid bushings, motor mounts etc.
  237. Intercooler
  238. Techy questions on timining and adjustable cam gears
  239. FMIC question
  240. Pulstar pulse plugs
  241. Front subframe design - suspension/steering experts please provide input
  242. Crank Bearing job procedures.
  243. im serious, who's an engineer here, analysis
  244. 1gen crankshaft
  245. Halo Hand Held Datalogging
  246. Datalogger Info...can someone maybe decode it?
  247. Different Sized Turbos?
  248. 6g72 Oil Pump
  249. 3s and E85?
  250. Plz help 1g engine 2g car????