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  8. how do you determine the wastegate duty cycle?
  9. Solid Tensioner installation
  10. Maft + chrome ecu question
  11. PTU help
  12. Sudden Freon Dump under WOT
  13. Hydrocarbons are double for Emissions test
  14. Fan Operating Temps
  15. AEM wideband stop working
  16. Knocks gives codes p0125 and p0170. Need help/ tuner.
  17. Noob that can't get his dang heads off
  18. 3SX Headers Are they worth the price?
  19. Anyone run these turbos
  20. Help!!! I need to put a Helicoil in my rear head exhaust stud
  21. Spark Plugs and Plug Gap for E-85 and E-85/pump blends (blowout issues)
  22. Please school me on wastegate pressure
  23. My DR750 surge fix using a Synapse synchronic diverter valve
  24. Which timing mark do I use?
  25. Tial 50mm BOV install without welding
  26. Timing Belt Slip
  27. ECU Board pics of hazy back side q
  28. Failed Emissions due to missing cats (99 VR4)
  29. Quality Stock Replacement Pistons
  30. How To: R&R Valve Cover Baffles for Cleaning
  31. No Spark, Crank sensor Error Code
  32. Swapping Engine over to a Roller
  33. best turbos to hit 600whp?
  34. About to dive in to a head gasket replacement. Any tips or things I need to know?
  35. Idle misfire, hesitation
  36. I need opinions about my rear turbo please
  37. Rebuilt Motor Startup Issues
  38. Best Clutch For 550whp?
  39. old school exhaust vs. newer stuff
  40. Insurance Co said my car has a recall
  41. DNP intercooler piping question
  42. How To: Pampena 300M Rear Axles
  43. Who likes Knock Knock jokes?
  44. Modern "best motor oil" thread?
  45. Need help getting oil pan off 95 VR4
  46. HKS DLI Amplifier - Gimmick or Good?
  47. Exhaust - to cat, or not to cat?
  48. Looking to find a place to make a set of manifolds
  49. VR-4 Rebuild
  50. Help diagnose engine knock on '91 VR4
  51. Palm logging in 2019?
  52. Need help with MAF problems.
  53. Td04 install
  54. Stealth 92. 9b to 13t with stock fuel system?
  55. Coolant level and coolant reservoir level question
  56. DR 750 build
  57. Spark plugs for SL-turbo?
  58. Losing a significant amount of coolant under load. Bad head gasket?
  59. Speedometer woes
  60. Most Power with CX Racing Intercooler setup
  61. Setting the ignition timing on a 91 TT rebuild
  62. 2019 Update! Dmitri's '94 Stealth feat. PTE7675 Single Turbo
  63. Poor acceleration, low/dying idle after rebuild - 91 TT
  64. Is there a way to test for bent valves while the engine is in the car?
  65. Water in oil
  66. Best place to find a forged crank shaft and rod!?
  67. Difficult cold start
  68. Complete Re-assembley of engine bay
  69. Where connects to this wire harness???
  70. Water spewing out exhaust
  71. Backfire when shifting
  72. leak at oil return lines, where should i get my gaskets?
  73. 2 Year Build Almost Complete with a question?
  74. Restrictor pill in vacuum hose connected to y-pipe and H fitting
  75. At what RPM do these engines usually start to lug?
  76. Warped Heads....
  77. Video car at idol 😞
  78. Ok now... weird issue
  79. Water leak from new block
  80. Oil pan part 2
  81. Idling question
  82. Oil pan gasket.
  83. question about the head gaskets
  84. TD-04 9B turbine shaft dimensions?
  85. Camshaft install - alignment with CAS
  86. 92 stealth tt dash warning lights all on
  87. Oil Filter Housing
  88. EGR --> Plenum Bolt sizes?
  89. Boost leak on rear turbo pipe?
  90. my TT hates me and I need help
  91. FIAV Delete Cons?
  92. Anyone doing Throttle Body Rebuilds?
  93. Frustratingly stumped - Need help!
  94. Help finding European parts or the part numbers for them
  95. Anyone in or around Reno NV that can help with a crank no start?
  96. Fmi
  97. Help please - Can't figure it out
  98. Advice and wisdom on the oil pan and bearings
  99. Weird lugging/misfiring at under 2000 RPM in high gears under load.
  100. NPR Piston ring gap
  101. Billet cranks
  102. need help jester chrome ecu/maf
  103. Spun Bearing/destroyed engine rebuild or replace?
  104. Oil feed line re-assembly on rear stock turbo
  105. Replaced a lot of parts, bucking idle problems now.
  106. Radiator fans only turn on when AC is on and Temp Gauge is doing crazy things.
  107. Fuel pump acting weird
  108. First Data Log - 93 RT/TT
  109. Has anyone broken a cast crank with an upgraded arp main stud kit?
  110. Bucking/Misfiring at around 2500 RPM under load.
  111. Did I do something stupid? Smoke and squeal from belts.
  112. Connecting rods for 500whp build
  113. Need help...crank but wont start...wide band shows 18 Anyone in Indiana?
  114. Overheating headgasket?
  115. What year(s) are best for tuning?
  116. Chrome ECU not setting long term trims
  117. Code 53 Question
  118. Oil filter of choice for a rebuild and going forward
  119. High Pitched Squeal...
  120. Anyone follow the Throtl vr4 build?
  121. Possible ECU failure?
  122. Single turbo setup
  123. 3800SC Swap
  124. Help new engine decision
  125. Speed Density Still Available?
  126. Gasket sealant needed for OEM water pump?
  127. AWD wheel rotation on jack stands
  128. Active exhaust 92 VR4
  129. How to deal with rust inside block of a TT which is being rebuilt
  130. Fuel resistant wires, for aftermarket fuel pump hangers?
  131. Torque spec needed for engine lift/hanger brackets on a TT motor
  132. How to get the cams and crankshaft in line for timing belt install
  133. Anyone in AZ have a front fuel rail I can buy?
  134. random stall
  135. Need a new thermostat for early 90 TT motor
  136. Broken power wire on fuel pump bulkhead
  137. Why the starter relay mod?
  138. 1991 vr4 issues. Tranny?
  139. STRANDED! Pls help DX the problem
  140. Fuel Pump
  141. No signal to Fuel pump relay?
  142. Help... running lean all of sudden.
  143. Turns over no start or starts shuts down flooding intercooler piping with fuel
  144. 1990 GTO won’t rev past 4K Help 😞
  145. 20T rebuild help!
  146. Recommended Machine Shopes
  147. Remanifactured / low mileage used
  148. Y-Pipe Gasket solution
  149. ECU Location
  150. MFI relay pin
  151. What is this?
  152. Catylist removal with pipe in car
  153. blowing clouds when warming up
  154. Loud ticking then stall!
  155. Coolant Leaks
  156. His dli tuning question
  157. Hello everyone
  158. Doom! Metal shavings
  159. Woody's 93 RT/TT restoration
  160. Injector Question
  161. 91 JDM engine SWAP in 93 VR4 / CAS wiring Help
  162. 91 JDM engine in 93 VR4 with CAS wiring
  163. Wont hold idle. Reaks of gas
  164. Timing Belt Removal Issue
  165. head machining, clearances, need input
  166. What’s the consensus on spark plugs nowadays?
  167. Low idle and hesitation that goes away when car is reatarted
  168. Oil Quantity With Aftermarket Oil Cooler
  169. Signs of a failing recirc valve
  170. Aftermark Oil pressure Sensor / Location exchanged
  171. Misfire on cylinder 4
  172. Why you should always pull the galley balls when servicing a crankshaft.
  173. Maf-t install plus daily driving questions
  174. NO SPARK - Yes I've read the sticky & stealth316
  175. Questions on heads
  176. Upgrade exhaust manifolds with stock turbos ?
  177. Aftermarket gauges logging
  178. 91 vr4 sitting for 14 years.
  179. Vacuum line help...
  180. Finding the right turbos for my build.
  181. DOHC TT engine rebuild - which oil pump to purchase
  182. What octane did a stock TT need to have no knock?
  183. MAFT/SAFC2 combo tuning
  184. how to post car sale ad for mint 95VR4 with 95K?
  185. HELP! MFI relay sending morse code...help!!
  186. turbo hotside questions
  187. MAF Translator Install Help
  188. Danger in overfilling?
  189. Massive vacuum leak after swapping lower intake manifold
  190. Weird sound coming out of filter on cold start.
  191. Where can I take my car for service (Metro Detroit area)
  192. MAF bolts stuck to airbox
  193. Engine Wont Start. 1996 spyder vr4
  194. Getting started on cleaning her up. Long road ahead
  195. Fuel pump replacement?!
  196. anyone had a gctech front header?
  197. '95 FWD non tubro won't roll when idling?
  198. Dealer doesn't sell OEM fuel pump parts?
  199. Car wont start with ignition
  200. Oil pressure for twin turbo after rebuild
  201. Car randomly running poorly.
  202. 1993 VR4 running rough at idle and worse under acceleration
  203. 13t + bpu on stock everything else
  204. Misfire hunting
  205. Hydro throw out bearing.
  206. 2 first gen tts swapd 3 Ecus 4 mafs an stil chasing bs
  207. No clutch pressure
  208. Coolant Drain - Access to Radiator Drain Plug
  209. Help with build
  210. Turbo smoke help
  211. Fuel cut
  212. Data loggers won't connect, safc shows nothing, bogs and zero rpm response.
  213. kinugawa 20t turbos review
  214. Another stalling/fuel cut issue
  215. New injectors
  216. Low boost problem, help!!
  217. Loss of power for minutes when hit fuel cut
  218. Adding MAP sensor to Chrome wiring question
  219. Turbo coolant line question
  220. Blow off valves, recirculate or vent to atmosphere?
  221. Prothane Motor Mounts(tranny) install question
  222. Oil sending unit wiring (guage not reading pressure)
  223. Burning / mixing oil after overboost
  224. Upper intake gasket question
  225. High RPM between shifts 91 Stealth TT & while coast to stop clutch in
  226. 3 inch CX Racing downpipe to Main Cat
  227. Best Discount OEM Source
  228. SRS Unit Replacement Process - Remove Entire Center Console???
  229. Emanage ultimate to Chrome
  230. Front stock turbo Manifold advice
  231. What is this plug?
  232. Clear intercooler hose
  233. Tacho problem fron across the Pond
  234. How far off is engine timing with piggyback
  235. Oriface in boost solenoid... FreeHP??
  236. Whats the best thread for No fire on 92 VR4?
  237. MFI Relay issue
  238. Still stumped on misfire/rpm fluctuation
  239. Black top 450s values in chrome
  240. Please help! ECU gone bad??
  241. Broke Bolt that secures Fuel Pump assembly
  242. Help!
  243. How do you move the metal bracket for the rear Oxygen Sensor to a aftermarket sensor?
  244. Who makes this injector?
  245. Axle stuck in hub, HELP
  246. Smaller regular battery, what are the options?
  247. Doing timing belt.... how do I line up timing Mark's?
  248. CHROME ECU. Help needed.
  249. Injecotrs not firing
  250. Car smokes out tailpipes (turbos, valve seals or rings?)