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  1. Lights turn off but stay up when right signal activated
  2. ProMeth PM190 pump review.
  3. Turn signal relay
  4. Looking for 1997 VR-4 rear decals
  5. 92 TT ac valve MB 630404 needed but discontinued
  6. Hey Ohiospyderman. Turn PM's on!
  7. Why is there no 1997 service manual??
  8. which car cover fits over the 99 wing?
  9. Seat belt buzzer and headlight buzzer question
  10. Need a new replacement horn/buzzer suggestion
  11. Stripped or loss of thread for hood attachment
  12. California Emissions
  13. Is Muriatic acid safe for use on a Throttle Body?
  14. Active Aero works once, then stops on each drive.
  15. 1G headlight winking
  16. Anyone have an extra bottom half of the "T" on the rear "Stealth" badge?
  17. Speed Sensor Repair Assistance Requested
  18. AC pressure switch?
  19. Windshield washer light keeps coming on.
  20. I need advice on fuel line issue..
  21. 92 VR4 rear wing - how does it work
  22. 92 VR4 short in tail light circuit - HELP
  23. Dash Lights/Parking Lights Flashing
  24. Bizarre Radio Short and Fix
  25. Odd No Start Issue
  26. Car Cover
  27. (Long question) HELP! Clarion/ungo prosecurity 5000 aftermarket alarm system question
  28. Rear Cargo Area Fuel Hatch Metal Plate Review
  29. Best way to move a 3000gt without any suspension or subframe
  30. 1997 3000GT SL horns upgrade
  31. Question about parts aftr all these years
  32. Rear power steering leak
  33. Pte 550cc injector latency and deadtimes
  34. passenger side front cat eye lens
  35. A/C Clutch Replacement?
  36. 3000GT Cars McQueen
  37. LED Hyperflashing $13 Fix?
  38. Need help with no crank issue...
  39. What Is This?
  40. GTO light up rear quarter window visors
  41. VICS Nylon cog...
  42. Bad key Fob?
  43. Door Glass all the same over the year
  44. Best way to remove gas
  45. 99 VR4 homelink setup
  46. Random parts missing
  47. What is this item??
  48. Cruise control inop after clutch adjust
  49. Fuel Sending Unit Modification?
  50. AEM V2 Connectivity issues
  51. Front plate
  52. Interior wiring question, advice needed.
  53. repairing bumper
  54. Repositioned rear wing 1992 dodge stealth
  55. LCDBC install question
  56. Keyless Entry
  57. Is this factory??
  58. Issues while applying brakes
  59. Tach Reads Low
  60. Youtube video about paddle shifters on a 3000gt. Anyone have any info on that?
  61. Tire Age Dangers
  62. Anyone recognize this part
  63. What should asking price be 4
  64. R12 AC retrofit/upgrade
  65. 1st gen Headlight "mounting ring" rusted out, replacement options?
  66. AC line fittings
  67. Weather strip, part number?
  68. clutch safety switch fix?
  69. wire tuck q's
  70. Electrical - where does this go?
  71. A Fix for the Digital Climate Control
  72. Any custom splitters or undertrays?
  73. Aftermarket steering wheel.
  74. Bad Ecuador cap?
  75. Reman AC comp. no rev sensor.
  76. a/c flush
  77. ac expansion valve
  78. Cylinder resurfacing maybe?
  79. 6g74/6g72 cylinder head identification.
  80. OEM 99 Combat wing
  81. 99 dohc ecu pin question.
  82. Lightweight bumper core support?
  83. 1991 vr2 Manual Clutch
  84. 1999 Parts Car - SOHC Manual - Whats worth removing before scrapping?
  85. Shadow Boards?
  86. Lat42 Mud Flaps
  87. Is there any "removable" cage for the vr4?
  88. Best Trailer Winch for 3S
  89. need a group buy for skillard door sill
  90. pop up headlight controller
  91. Starter Power Draw
  92. Storybook and storyteller down?
  93. Has anyone ever seen this plug?
  94. Is there much compatibility between 91 & 93 3000GTs?
  95. Nelson T-case brace?
  96. OEM Hands free add on?
  97. '92 3000GT. No power, no crank, no lights, nothing
  98. Engine cold at idle - no heat
  99. Non-Robo halo-mod
  100. Tail lights- Replace with LED?
  101. Front & rear wipers and pumps not working
  102. speedometer question
  103. Is this ECU bad?
  104. Window regulator help!!
  105. Random extra wires in drivers door
  106. Engine bay plastics/hoses
  107. Unraveling an ATX/ECU harness for use in am MT
  108. AC Delete how to's?
  109. Power Steering Pressure Line Replacement
  110. Aftermarket ECU for 1990 JDM GTO TT?
  111. Request Sources of some odd parts
  112. Help with exhaust tip install
  113. HID Install Help Please
  114. A/C issue
  115. Gauges???
  116. AC system remove freon
  117. Weird door open sensor issue.
  118. When 2 Civics Race
  119. Changing Ignition Lock Clyinder
  120. Vacuum system
  121. HUD Speedo
  122. Red lines in Digital Climate Control- help
  123. 0-5v Sensor signal degradation with connectors
  124. Grounding Kit Installation
  125. Too good a deal to pass up
  126. Tinted my Tail lights
  127. Can 3SX solid motor mounts be powder coated?
  128. glove box lock
  129. oil pressure gauge problem (possibly)
  130. Subframe bolt sizes
  131. 92 stealth retrofit
  132. I saved another one (CraigsList $700)
  133. Torn Leather Seat
  134. You gotta love craigslist!!
  135. ECU Flash Cant Read or Write to Chromed ECU
  136. Small tube?
  137. Colored Jacks?
  138. 1991 Stealth RT Automatic AC system weird problem
  139. Auto On/off headlights
  140. Weird problem, need help
  141. getting verified problem
  142. Clutch acting strange
  143. Anyone in Arizona know or seen Red Rocker?
  144. Request: 3/S body combinations
  145. Locks going crazy?
  146. speedometer doesnt work
  147. Repairing broken ECU pin
  148. Gen1 1993 HID Retrofit
  149. blower motor stopped working, then my engine started overheating
  150. Need a custom header made
  151. can't get driver window switch to work??
  152. 91 3000gt fog light wiring
  153. Multiple Isses.
  154. Wildshield wiper intermittent setting
  155. picture request! 1g turbo electrical connection
  156. My heater blows cold when stopped.
  157. Interior paint removal
  158. SRS light
  159. Active aero not working
  160. What is this hose?
  161. HID conversion questions
  162. HELP. No lights working.
  163. 19's on stock suspension
  164. Power steering
  165. How to fix high mount rear brake light on Stealth
  166. Datalogging/Wideband questions
  167. ABS/SRS lights on
  168. Factory alarm
  169. key help
  170. Size of OBD1 ECU terminal connector Pins
  171. Atx to Mtx conversion, no start!
  172. Rear active aero no power? front operating rear no workie
  173. Front venturi skirt questions
  174. Complicated AC Problem - Help!
  175. Turn signals/hazards problem
  176. Led turns in headlight cover
  177. Hood gap
  178. Noob with a headlight problem
  179. Having issues with wipers and headlights
  180. Rear wing spoiler for 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT
  181. optilux 1100 install
  182. Can anyone help with a fuel gauge that is lying to me?
  183. Which clutch is this??
  184. SRS cut wires
  185. 1992 electric sun roof conversion
  186. Issue with dipping voltage
  187. Reaer Wiper switch mod
  188. 1999 Under Hood Light Issue/Question
  189. Odd electrical problem
  190. ETACS Problem???
  191. Rocket Bunny/Fender Flare Idea!
  192. Speedometer Toubleshooting Questions for '93 ES
  193. Active Exhaust Valve impossible stuck.
  194. Why does my Victory Hood not lock down!
  195. Need injectors cleaned
  196. 1994 Mitsubishi 3000gt SL N/A new owner issues
  197. Window Track/Regulator Problem
  198. Polishing????
  199. alternate use for cc and active exhaust
  200. Exhaust too loud with Stillen Downpipe
  201. remote fob question
  202. Door Lock issue - very wierd/funny acting
  203. Please help me with key fob programming!
  204. door ajar light wont go off
  205. Please help!! Electrical gremlins!!
  206. Window motor issues?
  207. Question about oil pressure harness
  208. how to find production number?
  209. Need to fix or disable my alarm '93 3000
  210. A/C Issue & Questionable Shop diagnoses
  211. Post up your exhaust tip pictures!
  212. Which Angel Eye's Design Would You Choose?
  213. Need help with paint
  214. help! door connector socket pin type
  215. Best place to buy an engine
  216. Sunroof not working, switch makes noise
  217. Headlights wont turn off
  218. Glove box hinge
  219. '99 Headlight Halos Guide / How To
  220. Fuel problem is ECU to blame?
  221. A/C Problems
  222. Any way to remove these?
  223. A/F Gauge dithering (see video)
  224. 3SX heavy-weight shift know (OEM Style)
  225. IPS header fix??
  226. Clicking sound from under dash
  227. Weird squeak from steering column at low speed turning
  228. AC and HEAT not working
  229. Black Gauge Faces
  230. 1st to 2nd gen conversion
  231. Digital Climate Control Electrical Digram Needed
  232. Digital RPM+Speedometer Gauges
  233. Machine gun locks- some extra detail
  234. Headlight won't go down all the way
  235. Changing Aftermarket gauge color
  236. Silent Exhaust
  237. Broken part... Help me!
  238. Replacement ECU pins and connectors
  239. Spyder Top Stopping
  240. radiator fans, heater blower motor , and rear defroster
  241. How? Stock hood struts
  242. Is there a way to reset the SRS computer or check the code?
  243. Need help! My older brother took my car..
  244. Wierd electrical problems would like some guidance
  245. Keyless antry system permanently locks doors
  246. Aggressive rear view picture thread!
  247. Few questions and in need of a few parts
  248. Corroded Blue/Black Connector *Help*
  249. Mysterious electrical issues
  250. Part recognition?