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  1. Datalogging with LCDBC and EvoScan, am I doing it right?
  2. 1G fan control and Chrome
  3. Need some help with AEM v1 tuning...
  4. Chrome and nbo2s
  5. Issue with vehicle speed in Chrome
  6. Fastest setup to Datalog
  7. tuning Deastchwerk 800cc injectors
  8. Gauging Interest - Auto Tuning Software
  9. Chrome tuning/injector scaling and latency
  10. Deatschwerks Help
  11. Opinions on AEM Ignition Timing
  12. AEM Tuning with ID1050x
  13. ChromedECU + GM MAFT + Blow Through Setup Help!?
  14. E85 no gain in HP
  15. Mid fuel trims / Cruise AFR out of spec
  16. 99 ecu conversion harness made to order
  17. Very High Knock at WOT, I Need Help
  18. Help with chrome. Altering high/low octane fuel and timing maps
  19. Coil Dwell
  20. injector dynamics 1050x scaling and latency
  21. Self tuning on a Mustang Dyno DR750s Chrome ECU Help/Suggestions
  22. please dissect these logs
  23. Let's talk Knock & Summer Heat
  24. 7-9 counts knock video what options/solutions Phantom knock or real?
  25. Tuning WOT
  26. Aem uego digital boost gauge analog output to chrome ecu
  27. Pump gas injector sizing on chrome ecu
  28. EvoScan Logging
  29. Chrome ECU Check Engine light Knock Tuning help
  30. First time tuning of 3s platform
  31. Chrome ECU + new warning light
  32. Anyone in Denver Area Good with MAF-T Pro?
  33. aem v2 basic setup / tips
  34. Fluctuating MAP Readings
  35. Limp mode
  36. Logs from my Dyno run -timing waaay off?
  37. anyone got snow meth on aem v2?
  38. Weird problem with maft pro p/t tracking
  39. TPS Variation
  40. MAF Tuning Utility
  41. Analysis on my log sheet please?
  42. AEM Series 2 WOT problems
  43. AEM IAT sensor not working
  44. Fuel Maps / Timing for stock 92TT
  45. anyone on e85 on aem v2?
  46. Is there difference between the Chrome ECU on 3SX and the Clone ECU from 3S Warehouse
  47. Seeking constructive suggestions from senior/well versed 3S members on 450HP goal.
  48. aem v2 question about base map + passwrd
  49. Brush off the dust for this: Palm VII question
  50. Evoscan Datalog Numbers
  51. AEM V1 Baro input as MAP
  52. Engine cuts out letting off gas after MAFT install
  53. Chrome Launch Control/Antilag on a 1g.
  54. AEM dual wideband O2 sensor is it worth the investment?
  55. Two WBO2 for AEM EMS?
  56. what happened to the pro maf thread
  57. AEM Tuning Files
  58. Where to start with Chrome VE table?
  59. LCDBC and MAFT v2 Tuning
  60. Having trouble with MAFT pro
  61. Running super rich
  62. Chrome and what piggyback
  63. Base Timing Adjustment retarding at higher revs.
  64. Hybrid ECU questions
  65. Using and tuning with AEM Pro
  66. Two AEM questions
  67. Needing some advice on my jester tune
  68. need a flash tune for...
  69. 3.5" GM MAF w/ 1st Gen MAFT & Apexi Neo
  70. Best Way to clean Rockers and fuel question?
  71. O2 sensor requestID in EvoScan 94-95 hybrid
  72. EvoScan SAS mode
  73. Active Chrome tuners
  74. Megasquirt MS3X - GTO/3000GT/Stealth install guide
  75. Front and Rear Low Trims exactly opposite
  76. A/F Harness Wiring
  77. Any current MAP-ECU users besides myself?
  78. Different Tactrix models/versions?
  79. Trying to use aempro for the first time
  80. Tuning from Nexus 7 Tablet?
  81. I want Cruise Control? any ideas
  82. SAFC Tuning With 9:1 Compression
  83. Chrome + GM Maf/MAFT build sanity check
  84. .rom file for Chrome
  85. Injector latency PTE 680 / Delphi 650
  86. Installed EMU now i don't have spark.
  87. Fuel trims: big difference between front and rear
  88. MAP sensor question
  89. log and knock, take a look...
  90. ECU Flash error
  91. Dialing in your knock sensor feedback circuit (AEM EMS or other ECUs)
  92. apexi neo
  93. ecuflash problem
  94. Gasoline AFR Delta
  95. EMS Series 2 TPS fluctuation
  96. Question about tuning...PLEASE HELP
  97. EVOScan V2.9 XML file for 3S
  98. boost vs timing
  99. What does the stock ECU control?
  100. Two Knock Sensors (on AEM EMS)
  101. e-Manage Software
  102. e-Manage USB Driver
  103. Any one in buffalo that can tune AEM?
  104. Chrome user having major issues and out of ideas!
  105. Dyno results 15G's and flash ecu
  106. AEM EMS v1: How do you set up IAC?
  107. HHH error message on windows 7 (yes i searched)
  108. 1999 vr4 ecu problems ...
  109. Installing ecuflash windows 8
  110. AEM EMS V1 is reading 94% throttle when it is closed.
  111. SAFC2 need help! tune for idle?
  112. Data logger Help me decide (EVO scan VS HHH)
  113. WBO2 Targets (on VE map)
  114. NA tuning ROMs
  115. Chrome won't flash
  116. Montero MAF with flash ecu
  117. anyone is buffalo?? i need a base tune for AEM
  118. Need Help Flashing Chromed ECU
  119. e85 base injector setting chrome ecu
  120. low mid trims chrome ecu
  121. launch control, speed limit, egr delete chrome ecu
  122. tatrix mini mono/stereo plug cable ?
  123. Flash ECU : Active Aero Delete ?
  124. Flash ECU: what memory page for fuel stuff?
  125. Can't Download chrome. is it my mac book?
  126. 95 vr4 ecu flash check eng light is on
  127. Haltech tuning devices
  128. Chrome injector latency confusion
  129. ECU Data Channel Abbreviations
  130. What software to use?
  131. Flash ECU Fuel Trims All Zero?
  132. ECU Boost Control on Clone2 ECU
  133. AEM FiC6 on a 92?
  134. CHRoME ECU Timing/ Fuel/ BOOST Tuning
  135. Figuring out the stock timing map
  136. Is anyone using the High Side outputs in aem ems v2?
  137. Has anyone used an ARC2 with a flashable ECU?
  138. What Latency Values outside of Voltage?
  139. Flashed ecu wiring help please
  140. No boost, is it in tune?
  141. Chrome ECU on NA
  142. ecu flash help please
  143. fpr or tune?
  144. E85 now wont start
  145. tuning NA with safc
  146. need AEM v1 basemap
  147. Low timing/leaner mixture=No knock
  148. Running super rich, choking off.
  149. help with tuning maft
  150. DIY ECU Overclock
  151. Flash ECU and Omnipower Map Sensor
  152. MAP ECU revisited
  153. What happens to E85 when it sits for a while?
  154. odd cel issue with flash ecu
  155. piggy back/different ECU?
  156. ECU Read Problem
  157. Chrome ECU help
  158. G1 Link ECU
  159. NA Rom file?
  160. Need tuning info for RC750cc injectors
  161. 6g74 TT Chrome Questions
  162. OBDI to OBDII after ECU swap ?
  163. AEM EMS adjusting from E85 to 93 on the fly
  164. Anyone using the switches on the Series2 AEM EMS?
  165. Largest Injectors used for emanage blue?
  166. Help!!! connect the EGT sensor
  167. Looking to tune a 16g build
  168. FLASH ECU or Stand Alone?
  169. Need some help
  170. Bad Boomslang/Patch harness - Emanage Blue
  171. Need cal file please
  172. Electrical engineers need some insight.
  173. Help with AEM Wideband and AEM EMS
  174. plz give thoughts mbc/ebc/emc ect!
  175. Montero ECU 1G 3kgt
  176. 6G72 TT in 87 Starion - trying to start finally
  177. How did you learn how to tune?
  178. What to Tune With? So Many Options...
  179. ECU Flash: Convert Cali to Fed Spec
  180. AEM EMS Series 2 - Idle Problem
  181. How to log From Scanmaster 3 onto HHH
  182. Running AEM w/o SD conversion
  183. Tuning WOT vs Cruising- Can I?
  184. AEM Version 2 -Coil dwell and ignition breakup
  185. Flash ECU - Idle tuning
  186. .cal's
  187. car will not start after 1.11 to 1.19 upgrade
  188. pro-m maftuner
  189. Stock ECU power draw
  190. ECU, RPM's, 2 bolt, 4 bolt :confused:
  191. AEM's NEW Infinity ECU
  192. Flat foot shifting with EMU?
  193. Tuning Greddy emanage blue
  194. Need some help, info...
  195. Anyone downloaded MMCD recently?
  196. AEM EMS and coil on plug, is it possible?
  197. Where to get AEM EMS Help?
  198. MMcD 1.8g Corrupt?
  199. Need help tuning Flash ECU w/ MAFT
  200. Need the .bin for maft pro...
  201. greddy emanage blue cable question
  202. Been in a coma for 6 years. What's new - AEM EMS?
  203. Tuning throttle tip-in (dTPS in AEM EMS)
  204. Difference between front and rear O2 sensors (WBO2)
  205. Has anyone used Haltech on the VR4?
  206. Need some assistance w/ARC2
  207. Need help! with 3000gt Vr4 Logs
  208. MAFT + SAFC2 settings to start car and begin tuning
  209. What would be a good replacement for an HKS VPC?
  210. Crazy O2 readings
  211. Apexi Neo vs E-manage blue?
  212. -= The Ultimate Megasquirt Thread, aka: Don't forget Zoidberg =-
  213. deleting maf
  214. question about HHH and obd2 (1996)
  215. Where can I buy an HKS prssure sensor for the Vein Pressure Converter? 1992 VR4.
  216. Wierd o2 numbers after MAFT
  217. DSM Datalogging Work for 2g 3000gt?
  218. MAFT Setting on N/A w/ Stock Injectors
  219. Basic setup for MAFT
  220. EcuFlash injector latency help please
  221. Gen 2 Logging, TunerPro RT w/ Windows 7
  222. HHH correct settings?
  223. Light throttle stumble since SAFC2 install?
  224. AEM EMS vers. 1 vs. vers. 2
  225. ARC 2 question
  226. emanage reading water temp as 130'Z?
  227. EMU in Win7 x64?
  228. na dohc stock ecu very rich fuel map?
  229. ecu hex dissasembler? finding maps?
  230. Sharing - Effects of timing & weather
  231. how do I pull the rom from 99 ecu
  232. WANTED> Basemap EMU, 20gs, 750cc, speed density
  233. What's the correct method to setup knock control on AEM?
  234. IAT with Emanage ultimate question.
  235. AEM EMS : Ign timing VS Ign map
  236. wiring// diagnostic port on 94' ecu / 91'car ??
  237. Zeitronix ECA for "true" Flex Fuel E85 tuning?
  238. V-afc
  239. AEM S2 problems after install/tune when "snapping" accelerator
  240. ECU Flash Tuning : The Basics
  241. Flash tune build : 94 TT w/98 VR4 ECU, 550cc, 15g's
  242. Flash Tuning/Conversion Thread
  243. AFR bank1 end bank2
  244. SAFC2; 550cc, 15G, AEM FPR, Supra Hotwired. Need Basic Tune
  245. Max Karman Frequency to send to computer?
  246. Self tune for AEM EMS 2
  247. Lean After Rebuild
  248. n/a ecu mods?
  249. SAFC2 VS SAFC Neo VS SAFC 1
  250. ??<SAFCII/MAFT combo>??