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  1. 1995 Stealth headlight & fog light upgrades?
  2. Fuel filter replacement - recommendations? opinions?
  3. One of the best sounding v6s
  4. Valve Cover Bolt Grommets
  5. Found a source for the outer window weather strip
  6. Need some opinions
  7. Cold start vs. warm start question
  8. Possible the only v8 that fits vr4
  9. CAS was removed when resurfacing heads, Will my ignition timing be off?
  10. How Many 1997 3000GT VR4's Still Out There?
  11. Front Active Aero project
  12. Can I use a AWD Transmission in FWD 3000gt?
  13. 2G TT Rear Caliper questions
  14. Red car
  15. Please advise me on this valve cover painting in progress.
  16. MOPAR NATIONALS 2019 - Columbus, Ohio
  17. 3SX ECU Rebuild Question
  18. Need to know the fuel pressure.
  19. New Banner Images Needed
  20. Billet transfer cases
  21. Oil filter, OEM vs Mobil1 and K&N
  22. Big Dilemma
  23. Pinion Seal Replacement - Any tips?
  24. Did hell freeze over?
  25. Erractic RPM Gauge
  26. Looking for new parts.
  27. Recommendations for timing belt & 60K service in centrol NJ area (Freehold)
  28. Automatic Transmission Exploded
  29. Dog Box gear set
  30. Need recommendation for timing belt service in souther surburbs of Chicago.
  31. Driver's side firewall grommet
  32. Steering rack leak, is it ok to tighten this fitting?
  33. Horrid Knock, 3 Likely Culprits, 1 Is Deadly. Calm My Beating Heart With Opinions?
  34. Arizona Members?
  35. Rear view mirror dashcam with 3d printed arm adapter
  36. 3000gt track width and handling.
  37. 1996 dodge stealth car covers
  38. On the Hunt.....Stealth Emblems!!!!
  39. stealth316 broken images fix
  40. Great Deal on Gates Racing Kevlar Timing Belts, including Free Shipping
  41. Can someone help me, hesitating and stalling
  42. Project VIVI (Intake Invention) And The Start Of MTC Performance (Start Up Company)
  43. Automatic fluid and flush questions.
  44. I think I lost a nut from my plentum into my intake
  45. Daytime Running Lights - the EASY (free) mod to pass inspection!
  46. Are brake pad shims a must?
  47. '91 stealth ES auto - ck eng light stays on when cold, then goes out
  48. Garrett GTX 2867 Build
  49. Summer Climate Control Repair Service
  50. N/A motor in a VR4?
  51. A/C :)
  52. '91 Cargo Cover ??????
  53. Is the Stealth's spoiler mounted brake light the same for all years?
  54. Question about rear bank transaxle stay
  55. Anyone know where I can find this gasket?
  56. All wheel steer alignment Milwaukee Area
  57. Mechanics/Tuning shops with 3000GT experience around Indianapolis?
  58. Best price on a DOHC OEM hydraulic tensioner?
  59. Reputable Tuning shop and Paint shop in Chicago or Indy
  60. Mustang bumper lip
  61. ABS pump leaking
  62. Questions about automatic tranny setup
  63. Looking for help!
  64. LF excellent cond. a/c fuse relay box w/cover.
  65. Visor mirror lights don't work
  66. Timing question is this supposed to turn?
  67. Miss fire and lean idle continues.
  68. Rear Windshield Wiper Motor Replacement Help....Please!
  69. CEL code 43 - EGR (bad solenoid, in my case))
  70. Project 5
  71. Window tint quote
  72. Bank 6 Coil not Firing, however...
  73. What OBD-II Scanner Do You Use. Looking for Input
  74. Koyo Radiator Short Install Guide
  75. Timing Belts - Anyone Running a MitsubOshi Belt?
  76. Factory door lock/alarm issue
  77. Replace Crank Sensor for PM
  78. I'm Back!
  79. Blue Stealth TT getting 4G swap
  80. Oil Pump question
  81. weird fog headlight issue
  82. Hks bov recirc question
  83. Where to buy tubeing for turbo kit.
  84. Air conditioning issue
  85. Trailing Arm Eccentric Bolts Seized
  86. PS leak
  87. Gb NEW 6spd reverse gears
  88. I found this plastic thing in my car, dont think its OEM
  89. IMR fuel loop (review?)
  90. Suggestions for siding and painting undercarriage pieces.
  91. Left front area rattle noise.
  92. Worlds smallest catch can!
  93. Southwestern Ontario Car Clubs and Meets
  94. Oil pan dent severity?
  95. Water pump questions.
  96. Car missing and running lean after injector
  97. Need an answer on valve cover gasket. ASAP
  98. How much can be shaved off rear 2nd gen calipers?
  99. Transfercase oil change
  100. Talk me out of (or into) gutted interior.
  101. Horn issue - searched/troubleshot/stuck!
  102. Used car dealer rant
  103. Front Active Aero Bypass?
  104. Deft Racing question
  105. Is there a work around for a broken emmission check valve?
  106. 2nd gen rear 2 position caliper help
  107. EVO Rear brake caliper in place of stock 2G Rear.
  108. What are these interior covers for?
  109. Garage Dreams 3000gt/Stealth Buying Guide
  110. Leaking rear bumper shock absorbers(I think)?
  111. Moving Sucks
  112. Where can I find a new Boot/Hose for MAF Sensor?
  113. Banned from "Bob Is The Oil Guy" Forum
  114. 1994 3000GT VR-4 Preservation Restoration
  115. Not 3s related... bmw help pleasee
  116. Best place to buy Evo 3 16gs
  117. Braum Elite Seat Install
  118. Some Trans Builds Lately and Updates
  119. Cheapest option for leaky oil cooler lines
  120. Turbine choke flow
  121. Turbo vs NA starter/alternator
  122. Ninja Performance update
  123. Question about changing gauges
  124. A "Help Request" for an R/T that runs for 4 seconds and stalls ...
  125. Parasitic draw
  126. Serpentine Belt Chirps
  127. Springs
  128. A/c evaporator sensor
  129. Quick question.PS lines
  130. Spartan Wideband Experience?
  131. Billet Transfer Case Goodness...
  132. Need to Replace My Spoiler on My '91 Stealth
  133. Final Engine assembly
  134. H4 install
  135. May wanna trade for a vr4
  136. Vinyl wrapping '95 VR4
  137. Went to get Allignment after wreck...bent Engine Cradle... plus more/need advice
  138. emergency brake cables
  139. Anyone ever had a car built by a shop?
  140. Possible Exhaust Problem
  141. Ninja Perf. recent orders?
  142. Trying to give her a heart transpland, but she drew first blood.
  143. Invented A New Part (Currently In Use On My NA)
  144. In Search Of:
  145. Changing The Position of the Fuel Filter.
  146. How to remove overspray fron a taillight lens
  147. Prod Numbers by Wayne Roach
  148. Unicorn Engine Alert!
  149. Full boost from Australia reviews GTO
  150. RPS clutch
  151. Anybody recognize this GTO
  152. Accident - What’s the damage?
  153. Redline MTL 3 Pack Sale this week
  154. Battery drain.
  155. Ignition Troubleshooting Help Request
  156. Headlights, dashlights, A/C fan pulsating
  157. Please help me diagnose my broken AC
  158. New 4Gswap project
  159. Positive Thrust Clearance
  160. An interesting discovery I made whilst gutting pre-cats...
  161. Gen 2 vr4 rear caliper on a gen 1 vr4
  162. Clicking sound in dash after LED tail light install.
  163. Differences in Pistons 74 vs 72?
  164. Stock Boost Gauge Sending Unit ?
  165. Any AWD auto swap aftermarket drive shafts?
  166. Reversed battery, now not turning over
  167. Upper idler pulley
  168. Electric power steering
  169. Stolen Car Cover
  170. Fluidampr Group Buy #2 !!
  171. Two Quick Questions
  172. End of the line for my ecs?
  173. Cheap Rental car recommendation
  174. Can someone run a CarFax?
  175. TMZ Performance for throttle body rebuild?
  176. Key Fob
  177. No oil flow to cyl 5 lifter
  178. ECS Diagnostics help please !!
  179. Back to basics build
  180. 2019 Blue Ridge Gathering July 10-14 North Carolina Tail of the Dragon!
  181. Fair price for a VR-4?
  182. Running rich. Not sure why...
  183. Wrecked Car, now I have No Crank No Start
  184. Flywheel turning question
  185. JDM 6 speed question
  186. Back from the dead
  187. Pulse generator help
  188. Bell housing bolt broke
  189. Spotted Red VR-4 Spyder in LA?
  190. When the VR4 is waiting for parts...
  191. Where are all the admins?
  192. Please help figure out what is stock correct wheel cover stealth
  193. Will a 97 DOHC NA fit in a 93SL!?!?
  194. Where do you put your cell phone?
  195. Help with Tach
  196. 3SX 8.5mm MSD question
  197. 300m Output Shaft Special Pricing
  198. Rear Pre Cat Delete
  199. Headers/Manifolds for 94 Dodge Stealth RT TT
  200. Weighed my Stealth at the track
  201. Fuel Delivery Issue?
  202. The last new 99 / 4-bolt shortblock
  203. SPEC Stage 4+ LW
  204. OEM Syncro Sets
  205. Head Gasket Newbie Question
  206. Looking for ARP Main bolts/studs
  207. Looking for catless downpipe
  208. Help with sealing heads stock or performance.
  209. Factory Keyless for non keyless
  210. Creak/Howl Noise
  211. Interior Lightning/Fusebox Problems
  212. Reliability and maintenance
  213. Chrome ECU and fans
  214. Pricing on Spyder VR4
  215. Good quality braided brake lines?
  216. WPC Treatment for Transfer Case Rebuilds Now Available
  217. What to do to the motor?
  218. Certificate of origin for 3000gt and dodge stealth ?
  219. Cusco 4G63 Swap GTO
  220. 3.0 v6 6g72 whats this sound
  221. jester chrome question?
  222. Who Knew
  223. Throttlebody Gasket
  224. 6G72 vs 6g74
  225. Best place for injector cleaning/rebuild?
  226. Takes Longer to start than usual..Sometimes
  227. Engine bay ID plate
  228. 1998 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 Registry
  229. Cracked Hose, need help identifying
  230. Upper Midwest 3/S Gathering -- May 17-19, 2019 -- Wisconsin Dells
  231. hard starting after swapping injectors
  232. Shout Out to Chris at Rvenge
  233. Who is still active?
  234. Door window switches wiring pinout
  235. Stealth Injen cold air intake won't pass smog now
  236. Speedo not working. No voltage at sensor
  237. Where to buy a data-logger for OBD1?
  238. New head gaskets leaking after engine rebuild?
  239. 1st Annual Mid-Atlantic Gathering
  240. Under Hood Fuse Box Question
  241. 6g74 main studs
  242. Front end rebuild
  243. Any interest in Brembo Carriers?
  244. Low Boost?
  245. ABS Pump Replacement
  246. Suspension question
  247. Sneak Peak Rvenge Performance Coil On Plug Kit
  248. Are Admins actually on here?
  249. Need help...crank but wont start...wide band shows 18 Anyone in Indiana?
  250. Dodge Stealth in video games