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Old 01-16-2013, 02:54 PM   #31 (permalink)
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Default Re: DR650/DR750 Turbo VR4 vs. Corvette 2013 z06/ZR1

My 2 cents is this: From experience I have put a lot of wasted money into my car, it was always seemingly cheaper (and that's the key word) to let some shop that don't have a clue about 3S cars, mess around with it.

I went through several thousands of dollars trying to cut corners and save money when in the end it all comes down to letting the people who know what the hell they are doing, do what they do.

People don't put money in these cars because they are going to get a huge return, they do it because they like the platform and they want to go fast. These cars are just as reliable as any other car, its all in how you take care of it but in order to do that, you have to start with a good base product.

The ones that I have heard broke down are those cars that are modded out the ying yang or are being fixed by guys who know just enough about working on cars to fuck something up.

Hell I love Vettes and all kinds of american muscle cars. I really like the reliability of honda's and toyotas, but seriously, you think you could get a honda or toyota to run in the mid to high tens and hell if you could, who da hell would even care.

My final point is this... You either love them or you don't, you in for the long haul or you aren't but either way to each his or her own. I have loved my care even while throwing ungodly amounts of money into it, Money I know damn well I wont get back if for some strange reason I where to try and sell it. But it's not about the money at this point. It's about the enjoyement of driving and whipping the shit out of those smug little dudes that have those stock Vettes/vipers. Then there are those that think because they have the loudest mufflers and some wide tires, they are the king of the road.

All the money I've put in the car will be worth seeing the look on someones face when they see my tag(DADDYO) in the end...... hahaha that look is going to be priceless.

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Default Re: DR650/DR750 Turbo VR4 vs. Corvette 2013 z06/ZR1

Originally Posted by sensational980 View Post
So still trying to decide which way to go and spoke with a rep on phone from snow performance about the safety of thier kits and pump failures.

Here's what he had to say. I put in bold what stood out to me! He says benefits of performance 116 Octane with Water/Meth Inj vs E-85 105 Octane. Though E-85 performance wise was better than Meth Inj

"snow@snowperformance.net via eigbox.net

3:35 PM (4 hours ago)

to me

Thank you for your interest in Snow Performance. The system we discussed fro your Stealth:

Stage-2 # 20010 - $444.95 (please keep in mind the $50 instant rebate available)
SafeInjection® part# 30020 $ 148.55
Waste gate adapt part # 30100 $47.75

As discussed, you can also add an injection gauge to show actual injection qty for $111.41.

This is an excellent, safe system that will outperform E85. Let me know if you have any questions.


Snow Performance "

no way that outperform e85 unless you dump so much ethanol in there that it becomes it's own fuel source for the engine which you could do that by just putting that in the tank from the beginning.
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Default Re: DR650/DR750 Turbo VR4 vs. Corvette 2013 z06/ZR1

Originally Posted by donniekak View Post
People around here for the most part don't lean on their cars very hard. Go over to the Dsm forums and everybody tuning the cars themselves are making 10hp at the wheels for every lb/min of flow, and pushing turbos 10% off their maps. Hell an auto dsm with a 16g is the newest cheap way to the 10's. Same with the evo guys. My last talon with about $3500 in it and just a 20g was almost trapping 130.

I just don't see a lot of guys around here that have real experience building, and tuning cars. Most of them have only messed with 3s's, and only follow established mod paths. The ones who don't fit into this category are obvious.

And for the life of me I have no clue as to the obsession people in 3s's have with pump gas.
Real talk

not to mention that ppl get their panties in a wad when spool don't hit full tilt by 3300 rpms.......

for whatever reason our community has this unholy obsession with pump gas numbers and only the most expensive and proven paths for upgrading- not really many willing to go against the grain to explore/demo/get creative with testing exotic/budget/unique setups.

hell, this was evident from the bashing that took place for the guy who decided to volunteer his car for the ebay 19T's a few months back- (userrname: hoarang?). He took the time/money to purchase them, install them, get a dyno ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND post the initial results for the betterment of the community, but just got criticized and derailed on his results thread about how his engine bay looked and ppl started poking at his dyno for smoothing/inflation/calibration. Seemed like a rather petty response from the community for a guy who decided to take one for the team.

a good chunk of our members prefer to take it to a shop as they don't trust themselves or just generally lack practical knowledge about modding them/ or the time to do so.

The dsm/evo community has benefited greatly from a lot of forum diy guys trying some new goofy idea and reporting results from whatever backyard project ensued. Our community is a little more cautious to put our cars under the knife due to parts being more pricey and harder to come by

unfortunately, that has also held us back in our thinking and our approach to innovation/exploration with the unknown.

hell, a good example of this is Midwest turbo- great turbos, awesome service and good work, I had the pleasure of chatting with Dan in person at the mitsu cookout here in the midwest as well as times prior, but a lot of ppl instantly dismiss them as crap/risky when comparing turbos bc none of the test cars have reported a dyno yet. The go nutswing on one of the older shops (granted very good shops) without any basis/empirical data as to why- like yuppy yes men devoid of autonomous thought. So much for progressive thinking....

I understand its the internet, and as matt said, keyboard warriors will be keyboard warriors, no matter how hyperbolized their claims/opinions are, but in the end we are our own worst enemy.

Single Hx52 billet 67mm 1300 cfm goodness, Delphi 1250's, twin walbro 400's, dual pump/dual feed braided lines from tank to rails,Tial 50mm BOV, Tial 60mm wg, Spec 4+ with hub welded and balanced, Rays Bellhousing brace, flash ECU with openport 2.0 tune, MSD coils, MSD race ignition wires, Odyssey PC680, CX racing fmic 1000hp core 28x12x4, ABS delete, EGR delete, AC delete, cruise delete, pansy patrol pulley reduction, Vac reduction

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Default Re: DR650/DR750 Turbo VR4 vs. Corvette 2013 z06/ZR1

Originally Posted by arm0red1 View Post
Real talk

not to mention that ppl get their panties in a wad when spool don't hit full tilt by 3300 rpms.......
Haha I love this: Every 300ZX Z32 I've ridden in with any JWT flavor (Sport 650's and up, BB setups excluded) you'd KILL to see that kind of spool. Hell, I recently drove a Sport 650 Z32 I wanted to buy (dipshit was off his rocker on the price, it needed work) and It wasn't coming on until about 4600RPM's (he didn't know how to fix/check vac leaks, and it had one.) Still without the vac leak it would have realistically been 4000RPM spool times at best. I've YET to drive a 650 or bigger Z32 that spools anywhere near the 3300RPM mark. I don't feel it's blind ignorance when these "TD04 LAG LAWL" threads come up, but it's often folks green to the game and this is the first platform they've sought to build (again, due to entry level cost betwixt the VR4, Z32 and the like.) Even 4000 wasn't that bad, it's a blast on the top end and no one races from 3K RPMS... If you want lag, go ride in a street/rough-tuned Supra running a single GT4088 on a stock block (which is still a blast 3rd gear up by the way) and then come back to appreciate what you really have.

Anything else is a simple reiteration, our platform is a cool one, and I've really enjoyed talking to a lot of you. Watch Ray row through the gears in that newer DR-750 vid... What lag?

Mike/TSB: I can't go back, I'm too tall for a 2+0 and I'm not feeling another 2+2 conversion anytime soon...
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Default Re: DR650/DR750 Turbo VR4 vs. Corvette 2013 z06/ZR1

I'm just after a wide powerband that's all. I don't want power to the moon the last 2k rpms and a slouch the rest of the time. Sure it's ok for higher gears when it won't run through the gear as quickly but an extremely peaky power sucks for anything but a glorified highway car, dyno queen, or 1/4 mile track car.

I don't really look at spool numbers so much but instead where the power falls. If it can make 500AWTQ by 4k rpms that's doing well. Take a look at Matt's DBB DR-1200 3.5L setup. He made over 800AWTQ and 700AWHP by 4500 rpms on turbos most people here would say are laggy as hell because they're not DR-750s spooling 30 psi at 3k rpms. You can't use the power when you go so low. It just won't get traction anywhere else but the track on slicks which you shouldn't even come out of the powerband.

I guess for me a wide powerband is the direct result of not having a V8, missing the times I had one, wanting to make big power up top, and liking these cars too much to sell everything off to go for a twin turbo LQ9 or LS3 setup in a car which would kick ass. I'll have to wait a long time before I take on multiple expensive car projects at one time because I'm sure a house and family will take financial precedence before that.
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