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: New Owner Questions

  1. leaking coolant AND oil??
  2. A/F gauge hookup
  3. Ecu
  4. TRANNY Problem - Input shaft nut stripped
  5. Retarded electircal ?: car won't shut off.
  6. What mods should i get.....
  7. tranny question.....
  8. 93 Mitsu stock head unit pin-out PLEASE HELP!!!!
  9. When did Mitsu quit the R12 A/C?
  10. Oxygen sensor
  11. A/C Help needed
  12. new here, lots of questions..
  13. Stupid question.....
  14. computer replacement
  15. exhausted
  16. Need help from fellow Minnesota 3si
  17. Is my transaxle an 18 or 25 spline???
  18. How major of changes are required to put a 94 TT motor in a 91 car?
  19. Weird/Stupid question about my clutch.
  20. Dumb question, Is there a way to check some1's rating on this site or paypal??
  21. I have a good deal on 16' rims for $180, does any1 think 16' r too small???
  22. Would carfax tell you when the car recently had a timing belt change and the 60k-t-up
  23. OK, another 5th gear movement question
  24. Indiglo Gauges
  25. Where can I buy stage clutches for CHEAP!
  26. brake problem?
  27. Exhaust Systems
  28. Clear Turn Signals for 1G Stealth???
  29. semi locked motor
  30. Going to buy a 92 RT/TT, need help
  31. Questions on Intakes!?
  32. A/C stopped working question
  33. What is Active Exhaust and Active Aero? and What 3/s have them?
  34. Overheats
  35. Driving Question
  36. CAPS program and part number question
  37. Power Transistor
  38. Cam Gear Setting
  39. Engine break in
  40. ECU problem? Help asap please...
  41. simple mod...where is it??
  42. Burnt Clutch???
  43. Dexcool
  44. Test Pipe Gaskets - "Cheap!"
  45. How much boost is too much on DR500's?
  46. Loosing boost...
  47. Esc
  48. idle surge
  49. Airbag lift suspension kits...
  50. can i get rid of this?
  51. boost selinoid?> 5psi
  52. Open air fliter/adapter kit?
  53. How do i get my climate control out?
  54. Hey do you know what kind of turbos the vr-4's come with? Are they TD04'S?
  55. Philly owners!
  56. Sign up for Georgia meet !!
  57. Stark White Sparkplugs?!
  58. questin about the dipstick
  59. boost or fuel cut?????
  60. active aero ??
  61. What is the best 1st gen headlight conversion???
  62. Timing check
  63. Looking for a certain seller (named Curtis) on
  64. Please god help me?
  65. My situation on my 3000gt SL
  66. ECU Help
  67. Any IRC or Chat rooms for gt owners?
  68. HELP! HELP! Buying my 1st 3000GT. Need input.
  69. bomex supra bodykit on vr4
  70. Quick Oil Question
  71. won't start-help
  72. Help - Tire Key Worn
  73. running rich. Is this normal?
  74. legalities of running without a bonnet?
  75. Buying another VR-4
  76. reset timing belt, and now it has slip?
  77. Help!!!--Pro Street Lighting H4 kit conversion kit
  78. Help Fast
  79. 3000GT Spare Tire
  80. Removing and installing dash defrost vents
  81. Test pipe
  82. Oil Changes?
  83. One shogun kit question for those who have it
  84. Will a second gen non turbo ECU work in a first gen Non turbo?
  85. What about this for fixing wheel gap.
  86. Which Intake?
  87. Water pump bad ??
  88. What gaskets?
  89. HEEELLLPPP once again
  90. Speedometer not working...
  91. New Tranny Question
  92. Stock 0-60mph times?
  93. do 99 JDM VR4's have HIDs?
  94. SAFC Tuning and Questions
  95. Shocks squeak
  96. directions on putting plugs and wires in
  97. what high flow cat?
  98. Batter Failure!?!
  99. Vr-4 Engine Swap
  100. Rattling noise under acceleration
  101. Please Help 91stealth
  102. Turn Signals!!
  103. Fried ECU - Diagnosis?
  104. need diagram or help putting parking brake back together
  105. Dropping the oil pan
  106. cracked dash vent?
  107. ATTN:RED 3000GT VR-4 in welland ONTARIO
  108. What's this part?
  109. Replace flywheel bolts w/ rebuild?
  110. GT Pro/SS ARC-2
  111. Transmission Problem???
  112. Carfax vin check please
  113. I need a CARFAX please help!
  114. White smoke at idle
  115. Where can i get ECU Caps?
  116. How to remove rear quarter panels?
  117. Help car cutting off
  118. Idle is very violent...
  119. ATTN: Gold RT/TT in Denver Metro Area
  120. replace front and rear rotors or just front?
  121. getting a 3000gt out of storage
  122. K&n Filter Or Fipk
  123. Carbon fiber hood? Ebay?
  124. Anybody heard of the Syclone?
  125. I need a VIN Check Please
  126. serious engine sounds please check out
  127. how much hp could the o.e.m clutch handle?
  128. Why did my new timing belt slip one notch?
  129. Please run this vin
  130. Boaring Out Engine What Should I Do For Performanc Uprgades STIL NEED COMENTS
  131. How The Fuck Do You Mount The Nx Wot Switch?!!?!
  132. Tranny went CLICK CLICK BOOOM
  133. not sure what to think
  134. test pipe.
  135. Is this the front fuel line?
  136. Boaring Out Engine What Should I Do For Performanc Uprgades
  137. CARFAX Please...
  138. New 3000gt owner has a few ?s
  139. Octane Booster Additives ... real? safe?
  140. Crank Oil Seal Leak...Part 2...
  141. What's your 1/4 mi. time and list your mods...
  142. Engine being pulled this weekend
  143. 95 vr-4?
  144. Do clear corners for the dodge stealth exist???
  145. Where can i get the best radar detector?
  146. mating the atr down pipe to the stocke exhuast system
  147. vac line help please
  148. Proper way to paint your car????
  149. 60k sevice question..
  150. Abs?
  151. What Tires Are Best?
  152. where can i get this intake...
  153. Brakes
  154. Standard Muffler??
  155. Pcv $$$$
  156. whining noise in 5th gear...
  157. carfax PLZ
  158. Found out why my Aero light is on..
  159. how to remove hazyness off of lip of rims????
  160. help everyone
  161. Serious Problem: Smoke/sputtering !!!!!!
  162. tt tranny
  163. do we get clear corners yet!?
  164. 2 easy questions
  165. more ways to adjust idle
  166. important questions, please help, im clueless...
  167. MP3 player
  168. help ASAP
  169. sorry guys but can we run a VIN
  170. Hesitation and Cooling problem
  171. Timing for a DOHC non turbo
  172. Stock Turbo Question
  173. Question regarding inaccuracy of stock boost gauge
  174. Stillen Calipers!!
  175. How much boost??
  176. boost problem...
  177. Help Please, getting fog lights to stay on.
  178. ticking sound...hepl!
  179. BRAKE problem
  180. 2nd gen headlight color
  181. Question about TT fuel pump in a NON TURBO
  182. timing belt installation help!!!
  183. Turbo Kit - anyone seen or used this before
  185. Auto Body Part for 3000GT
  186. Wierd noise coming from brakes
  187. Electrical problem...
  188. I need STOCK lug nuts cuz no other ones fit right????
  189. Do I have to take the steering wheel off to get the dash out????
  190. advice on a good amp
  191. Need advice Turbos
  192. Possible Factory Alarm Disable Solution
  193. K and N Filters
  194. HELP Car broke Down 125 miles Away
  195. got Carfax?
  196. prevent getting cheated when buying a 3000gt???
  197. Weird O2 sensor voltage....5.115 volts!
  198. Vin NUmber
  199. Need Help for new owner!
  200. How do you get rid of the "SHIT SMELL" in the AC?
  201. insurance costs?
  202. fuel filter on backwards, what damage??
  203. pics of engine...NEED HELP!
  204. Wha
  205. Moonroof prob
  206. WTB pair of new 13g's for under $2000
  207. Need a carfax fairy :)
  208. Was leather seating available on the STD trim?
  209. HELP! Keyless Entry Wiring Problems!!
  210. engine revs 2000 on start in summer
  211. Reverse Synchro
  212. looking for Varis website
  213. Wipers don't work right.....
  214. No Presure to clutch peddle
  215. USA 3kgt - 91 to 99, UK GTO ??
  216. car wont move need advice
  217. back from the track, can anyone explain this?
  218. a/c question..
  219. Ignition Coils...
  220. whole new engine but it STILL misses around 5k rpms
  221. Why am i not getting email notification anymore?
  222. How do you get the dome light down so that i can hardwire something?
  223. Tranny @ 88k
  224. Carfax Please.. (on 1 knee begging)
  225. Tranny dead
  226. Smokes after very long idle???
  227. carfax please
  228. Please Help !!!
  229. pchohan?????????????????????
  230. stand alone system
  231. Cleaning/oiling open-element, filters
  232. Advice
  233. Borla Exhaust
  234. idle rpm
  235. how hard to change control arm bushings??
  236. Window tinting, How much did you pay?
  237. Loudest Meamest Blow Off Valve
  238. Is It Official?
  239. Kormex Tranny
  240. Foglight Question
  241. Carfax please?
  242. 3 dash lights at the same time
  243. <<whats that clear circle on dash>>
  244. cold weather concerns
  245. dash lights
  246. i need honeycomb
  247. Cheaper??
  248. cooling problem (i think?)
  249. clutch take out a engine
  250. Need Help finding a repair manual for my 93 dodge stealth

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