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: New Owner Questions

  1. HKS Turbo Timer Type 1 and my Keyless entry
  2. quick HP question
  3. the Value of money
  4. Have my turbos kicked the can?HELP!
  5. Getting a Stealth...reliable?
  6. sport/tour exhaust repair
  7. HELP! gas smell coming from plenum???
  8. Tranny questions............Help.
  9. Nos
  10. keyless remote
  11. exhaust and pipes ???
  12. Differences between 1G and 2G motor
  13. How many posts does it take to get to the..
  14. oil pressure
  15. rust coming from exhaust?
  16. quick fuel pump question.
  17. what is wrong with my tranny
  18. What kind of aftermarket pistons for a VR4
  19. Anyone had their flywheel Scalloped? *MOD*
  20. Loose Accelerator Pedal
  21. Quite a few questions
  22. Need help w/Headlight polishing!!!
  23. where can i get white wheels
  24. Oil Gauge Read zero? Read me!
  25. 3000GT/Stealth Appearance Changes Confusion
  26. old whistler
  27. my 3kgt is F@*&ed up, need help!!!!!
  28. Gutting Cats and CO law
  29. keyless entry transmitter
  30. cool switches?
  31. Rear Suspension Problem
  32. can a bad alternator push the starter over the edge?
  33. HELP! What options are in the 94SL drivers seat?
  34. Does the spider have the active aero?
  35. 1st gen engine in 2nd gen body?
  36. ???grindng gears when shifting, then losing all of the other gear???
  37. Compression question?
  38. Headliner
  39. False alarm
  40. Violent vibration from brakes when hot!
  41. Help me with weatherstripping!
  42. I need help/tips on an Auto-Manual Conversion!
  43. egr valve ?
  44. tranny mnt. problems
  45. Spark Plugs and 60K maintenance
  46. starter.removal...downpipe have to come down?
  47. Strange sound from the rear
  48. White Smoke from Exhaust
  49. Broken wheel stud
  50. Where can i find a new starter?
  52. starter noise...I think? help
  53. alternator belt tension, squeals like a pig!!
  54. Size of a 3/S? for car cover...what do ya have?
  55. Knocking?
  56. What type of fluids for TT trans?
  57. My TT ran outa gas, and now wont stay running!
  58. San Diego Mechanic!!!!
  59. So confused about exaust... please post
  60. I Need Help Asap! Please
  61. Car Goin Crazy
  62. DIY scuffed rim repair?
  63. Trans\Tranny Question
  64. A/C Swap?
  65. new fuel pump stock turbos...
  66. 91 Vr-4 recall
  67. Where's the distributor to adjust the timing?
  68. Speedo/Tach Cluster??
  69. Aahhhh, mufflers!!??
  70. limits of the stock fuel system
  71. exhaust question
  72. Headliner
  73. DNP exhaust feedback??
  74. autometer A/F guage install???
  75. Broken Bolt: Caliper...
  76. Help..front end vibrating on the highway!!
  77. quick easy question
  78. rubber ring in solenoid boost power 20hp
  79. horrible lugging problem!
  80. RODNEY! I need parts.
  81. 60k tune up question
  82. Starting problems, maybe sensors
  83. New Engine vs. Rebuild
  84. what does this mean?
  85. Faded bumper fix???
  86. manual boost contoller questions.......
  87. vr4 130,000 too many miles?
  88. Question about links
  89. why is 3si mailbox full if i have none???
  90. Is my tranny junk??? please help....
  91. Faq
  92. another question about brakes...
  93. anyone know of any good auto upholstery shops in Southern CA?
  94. where to get egt gauges
  95. what do they mean by bleed clutch line?
  96. How do you polish the plenium by hand? What are the steps?
  97. clutch job went bad.....
  98. 1999 carbon fiber hood??
  99. Can someone help out my girl and run a carfax please?
  100. Laptop as boost controller and stereo?!?!?
  101. Tree sap removal
  102. 2000+ Ford Focus SE
  103. 1992 Dodge Spirit 2.5L Head Gasket?
  104. reverse lights staying on while driving?
  105. interchangable parts
  106. Is this car worth buying. Plz. Help.
  107. Federal spec, or cali spec??
  108. wheel alignment
  109. Vacuum line on rear intake hose???
  110. My CD player runs through a station???
  111. Is bleeding the power steering hard??
  112. need help fast please
  113. Can you paint sec gen headlights??
  114. Starter issues and cost? someone please help me, don't ignore this.
  115. vr4
  116. letting the turbo cool down
  117. me! changing it.
  118. How much could I get for a 95 TT engine?
  119. what does spark blow out datalog look like?
  120. Non-3S Q about solid axles and manual trannies
  121. Greddy Type-S
  122. Turbo Leak?
  123. lookin to rebuild and add turbo
  124. front light switch?
  125. Keyless Remote Entry for a 1992 VR-4
  126. what to watch for in a vr4?
  127. Lug Nuts Question
  128. tranny swap vs new car
  129. what lubricants do you guys use?
  130. weight of stock rims?
  131. Where can I get rubber connectors for custom intakes?
  132. Rear Rattle, DANGEROUS!!
  133. Help, Where is ECM?
  134. F#cjibg Tranny!!!! How much for rebuild or swap
  135. 2003 Eclipse hp?
  136. Front Active Aero Fix...
  137. hks type 1 tt, i can't find e-brake wire!
  138. mods to increase torque?
  139. searching a webpage
  140. throttle position?
  141. solano black or solano black pearl?
  142. remove rear wiper switch?
  143. SUPERMAC needs help "please reply"
  144. Steering wheel radio control problem
  145. Japan Spec Engines
  146. spice up my car
  147. Please look!!!ECU problem
  148. Dohc heads on a SOHC block?
  149. Trust Ebay???
  150. Front brakes
  151. Anyone Know Zoom94-3000?
  152. What Are The BEST Turbos...
  153. What is the power of my amp?
  154. leaky manual tranny
  155. stock r/t tire size?
  156. Different type of testpipe question
  157. Best BOV for our cars?
  158. ugh, back from the track again
  159. No spark, no fuel, ECU bad?
  160. Apex and A/C Monitor
  161. weird smell in my car?
  162. dsm injectors
  163. Nippon, Bosch, Advangex???
  164. Change plug gap now or later?
  165. San Diego, Need A Nice Paint Shop!
  166. Turbo Problems Help Asap
  167. The instrument panel
  168. G-Force ECU upgrade and 8500 rev limiter???
  169. How Much Brake Fluid? Please Help ASAP!
  170. Leaky Manual Tranny
  171. how may hp does a downpipe really add
  172. what is manual boost controller?
  173. why would this happen on a launch?
  174. what car should WRX or Z28
  175. How does a clutch work?
  176. Touch up paint
  177. simple questions about vr4
  178. Lowering spring choice and reliability
  179. ECS struts
  180. Can anyone help with this ?
  181. vr4 spyder specs?
  182. Where do you People get...
  183. need answer within next 30 minutes
  184. My car is dead!!!!!
  185. how much hp des a downpipe really add?
  186. how do i put a pic in my profile
  187. factory amp location??
  188. will these fit my car??
  189. will these fit my car??
  190. Help w/ carrier bushings
  191. How do you adjust emergency brake?
  192. back window wiper?
  193. New car, suggestions or tips.
  194. Carfax pleazz :) you guys rock!
  195. Part Sites ? need wiper switch for back window
  196. WHat is done when they service your tranny (atx)
  197. Dynos of standard 222hp n/a's???
  198. I.A.C motor (idle problem)
  199. Need prices urgently
  200. Bad ABS system?
  201. Speedo needle shakes around 60mph
  202. Tranny Question
  203. Shaft for transferbox
  204. parts needed help!
  205. Auto trans- thud when shifting
  206. Evercommon wheel dilemma!!!
  207. Air Sensor
  208. Loose Lug Nuts
  209. Brake calipers easy to remove???
  210. Are the ecs and defroster buttons backlit?
  211. Difference between exhaust manifolds and headers???
  212. What is this part #? MB810821
  213. squeaking belts help(yes I searched)
  214. obd-II
  215. does anyone know what these rims are and where i can get em?
  216. what do you use to clean.....
  217. Is there a syleniod/relay between starter wire(small wire)and thekey ignition.
  218. Are 1st gen headlights sealed beam?
  219. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Gen???
  220. Fuel Pressure Regulator
  221. Newly VR4 Owner. Needs Help!
  222. Very confused about rear camber kit
  223. How does everyone like these rims?
  224. Difference in drivers mirror between models/years
  225. Replace climate control swith lights
  226. Someone tell me how I launch wrong...
  227. Loose Lug Nuts
  228. man i sold my stealth
  229. Can't get my wheel off!!!!
  230. Please Help!!!!!!!
  231. How much coolant goes in a tt?
  232. Paint Cracking
  233. were is the fuel filter?
  234. RPM moving slow.....
  235. Anyone ever have to replace a CV boot?
  236. If you want speed for cheap, then why buy a 3s?
  237. stock springs
  238. My first ticket---court advice anyone?
  239. ABS Light?
  240. Why do I go through so many Rear Main Seals???
  241. HELP! ECU problem!!
  242. What is the....
  243. 14psi stock???
  244. Website: Stealth316
  245. big bust on longisland NY
  246. TO anyone with Playstation 2 in their car
  247. photoshop??
  248. for the admin.
  249. enkei rp01 and offset on my vr4
  250. loss of power

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