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: New Owner Questions

  1. What are some signs of an ATX going bad?
  2. need help tuning!!!!! Please help.
  3. Do they still sell 3/s back-up manuals?
  4. Exhaust Q
  5. front quarter panel squeak
  6. Any other Techs out there???
  7. DSM side mount intercoolers on 3k/S?
  8. I have searched and searched......
  9. Need Active Aero troubleshooting
  10. Water Leak?
  11. Removing Rusty Nuts and Bolts!
  12. Can a dynnabat battery handle a DVD player
  13. Blitz SS blow off valve-----how much?
  14. 2002 honda accord???
  15. Exhaust Gods, I need help.
  16. anybody had this power steering problem?
  17. Where is the checkvalve inour fuel system?
  18. Will it fits?
  19. Wonderful..... overheating
  20. who drives the 92 white stealth tt in orange park?
  21. Noise when letting off gas, please help
  22. Whats the conversion bar/psi/kg/cm3
  23. Whats the conversion bar/psi/kg/cm3
  24. Automatic trans question
  25. "Sorry, your car is not serviceable" What the hell?!
  26. Buying Advice for newbie in Japan
  27. what is down-pipe???
  28. Can a Dynabatt battery handle a indash DVD player???
  29. Good place for alignment in Jax
  30. Transmission repair?
  31. Will 17 X 9 Fittipaldi Tubolares fit my car?
  32. will an 18x8 rim fit 99?
  33. Stealth Life Expectancy
  34. keyless remote/alarm thingy..
  35. I just want to know
  36. TurboXS for 94 R/T TT
  37. Motor mount
  38. Need Help! Matt!
  39. Leaking oil...
  40. a good deal on a 94 gt base?
  41. where is the best place to buy parts for our cars?
  42. E Brake Light
  43. Me Vs. Celica
  44. Flames under engine / No power / Please Help!
  45. rough idle, running to rich, not ECU????
  46. argh!
  47. Tornado performance?
  48. Thoughts on 97 3KGT SL
  49. JUst bought indash DVD player for the stealth
  50. Chrome rims - will they fit??
  51. diamond star emblem?
  52. what can I do for my chrome rims in the winter salt?
  53. gauges
  54. Is twin turbo IAC and NA DOHC IAC the same?
  55. 60k maintanace
  56. Stalling & Oscillating Idle Speed
  57. coolant leak
  58. Good Deal on a 94 Stealth???
  59. Alternator / electrical problems. Need major help!
  60. Which is a better performance muffler ?
  61. Why Not???!!! Why Not I Ask!
  62. im a moron
  63. Sail Panel Painting question
  64. Struts...
  65. Engine work myself??
  66. lost my locking nut keys
  67. Rattle noise in front left steering
  68. Touch up paint for pearl 3000gt
  69. Fixing the dimmer switch panel...
  70. general questions about the car 91 vr4
  71. Door Panels/Side Skirts
  72. Don't let Sears change your wheel studs
  73. Couple questions, lend a hand plz.
  74. Body Roll
  75. my afc is acting weird? GUYS PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  76. Want to do my own oil change
  77. designing sub box, help needed!
  78. Rear view mirror fell off...bah
  79. First GEAR GONE
  80. Need some advice
  81. Help, looking to buy a 3000gt
  82. Catalytic Converter
  83. Tranny Coolers OEM
  84. Stupid Brake Squeak
  85. True Dual?
  86. spare tire
  87. help removing driveshaft
  88. Erratic A/F ratio readings- whats wrong (gauge or sensor)?
  89. Front Suspension Problems
  90. Couple of questions
  91. a question for the experts
  92. Who wants Borla???
  93. Thread size?
  94. Ever bought a car from out of state and drove it home???
  95. Throw Out Bearing
  96. valve train problem
  97. 1992 Vr4 to a 2nd gen front end conversion
  98. Fastest N/A 1/8 mile times
  99. 4WS rubbing noise
  100. no response to throttle, ideling problem
  101. U-Joint?
  102. Questions on: DR650 Turbos
  103. 1/4 mile
  104. Buying a 3000gt
  105. Will a 91 engine fit in a 2nd gen??
  106. sohc gauges
  107. what the problem?
  108. does this happen to you guys??
  109. how to post pics??
  110. Installing new plugs + wires
  111. CD changer confusion
  112. Tranny service
  113. HELP! first gen gauge problem, whats this wire?
  114. ANyone one interested in AFCR there is a group buy
  115. Paint Job
  116. I lost my locking lug nut key
  117. Occasional starting problem
  118. Board administror?
  119. Do I have the widest tires on stock rims?
  120. stuts and disk break special.
  121. Is it possible??
  122. my trans is stuck
  123. my trans is stuck
  124. ignition timing
  125. WTF!! this is what i get on the screen when i try to reply to a thread
  126. Wheel Spacers
  127. Cut in paint
  128. Turbo Specialties? Good, bad, indifferent?
  129. Question about installing new spark plugs
  130. Where is the ETACS Unit at?
  131. trouble with intrax
  132. starting to regret buying an open air filter
  133. Should I base my battery replacement on my car's voltage guage?
  134. Question bout a service manual
  135. Vr4, what body style HELP very long
  136. Fram Oil Filters
  137. AAM vs. K&N
  138. hissing noise from/near clutch pedal
  139. For the DOHC NA cars
  140. starting problem
  141. interior and roof liner questions
  142. Turboxs Rfl Bov Kit
  143. Why don't those ebay electric superchargers work?
  144. Do brakes have anything to do with the clutch?
  145. DOHC throttle body sizes???
  146. steering wheel not centered after hard turn??
  147. Driver's Side Door Alarm Question
  148. Still no start-
  149. ECS problem...any help appreciated.
  150. Door adjustment help needed
  151. Transmission Interchangeability between the TT and N/A cars
  152. removing supra turbo heat sheild?
  153. Reparing my clutch... need help
  154. VR4/TT one or two BOV??
  155. Gt vs Vr4
  156. Possible clutch problem, HELP
  157. rebuilding your own turbo's?
  158. Engine Noise?
  159. Owning a 3000GT
  160. GTO Pictures
  161. Buying Dodge Stealth RT/TT - Possible worn bearings - Please help.
  162. Hesitation over 7psi and 3700 rpms
  163. Sound deadening for my exhaust
  164. 3000GT Body
  165. I just fucked up my car need help
  166. Bad holeshot
  167. Computer Chip
  168. Gatherings
  169. Quick Question: How do you clean tinted windows?
  170. ALARM issue.
  171. Transmission Stuck in Reverse
  172. ls1 with these mods. What will it run???
  173. pressure test: air leaking through clutch
  174. Shipping a Car
  175. SOHC vs DOHC questions...
  176. idle issues
  177. Obnoxious Beep Sound at 10psi?!?
  178. car sputters and hesitates?? HELP
  179. Anyone live near Clemmons NC
  180. Service Manuals WTB????
  181. Car Inspection: What should I look for?
  182. SantecaSPL Mega FMIC kits are HERE!
  183. where do you flush your radiator?
  184. I need an experts help
  185. tires/wheels question
  186. Quick Question bout body
  187. HELP! Tranny rebuild...!!! :(
  188. nitto tire talk
  189. Help: Radio Compatibility
  190. difference JSPEC-US
  191. drivetrain loss q
  192. Question for Minnesota 3si
  193. gauges
  194. Loud Ticking Noise (don't think it's lash adj)
  195. 2 questions tranny and body
  196. Tire Talk Time
  197. crx Question anyone??
  198. dash pull/indiglo question
  199. Locatin of the ETACS Unit
  200. oil light flickering....
  201. Need some eletrical advice on 91 TT
  202. How do you cantact e-bay?
  203. Engine rebuild Question
  204. 6 Speed in a 1st Gen...?
  205. How much is new clutch job??
  206. Broken ECS wire
  207. Drivers side Mirror
  208. Black Wndow Trim
  209. Should I do my 60k before 60k?
  210. Clutches
  211. Need expert opinions
  212. How do I post a pic in my sig?
  213. Tuning for sound?
  214. Trying to change coolant, help !
  215. Engine swap
  216. How bout a group buy
  217. Hesitates when I step on it...
  218. Active exhaust question
  219. Stuck Glove Box
  220. Replacing headlights
  221. headlight fogged??
  222. washing car
  223. are 94-97 honda accords sohc or dohc??
  224. Wheels
  225. bov help
  226. Fuel Guage Broke
  227. loud monster went quiet
  228. Eng. keeps stalling at low idle speeds.
  229. lackof-BOOST CONTROLLER ?
  230. Brake Rotors
  231. ECU Pins
  232. Need Parts for 6spd.....
  233. what r o2 elimiators/and where can i get roof scoops
  234. Coolant getting pushed into reservoir, car overheating
  235. door panel problem?
  236. Specs on Stratus R/T
  237. recall notice
  238. what do i need?
  239. Can and should the fuel pump relay mod be done to an NA?
  240. autometer tach install
  241. Boost and VR-4 Specs? Help!
  242. 99Lights and front end
  243. iat
  244. Custom Exhaust
  245. How to do MOTOR MOUNTS?
  246. How much are actuator cables for Active Aero Wing?
  247. Tailights
  248. Brakes Question
  249. shifter linkage
  250. where to find paint codes for 93?

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