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: New Owner Questions

  1. Car Fax
  2. question on injectors
  3. Somebody with CAPS
  4. ac control unit
  5. To all those people who said it couldnt be done...
  6. california car? carfax please
  7. front defrost vent things... ?
  8. Squealing Noise during turns
  9. raising redline???
  10. Wiper woes
  11. Oil Pressure
  12. VR4 6 speed questions
  13. Parts required, help needed!
  14. Main Bearings
  15. HUGE overboosting caused by downpipe?
  16. Is it hard to make a 12 second daily driver with the 9bs?
  17. Start problems and no "Check Engine" light
  18. Who can explain engine timing to me?
  19. Camber restoration - rear
  20. Those who did 99 front conversion...
  21. Hear loud bang when I start car???
  22. Climate control in Celsius?
  23. weight differences: 95-96 stealth and VR4
  24. Boost controller installaton???
  25. Why are precat eliminators so much?!
  26. Tach doesnt work after tranny install
  27. HELP!! fuel rails, FPR, etc?????
  28. Changing Motor/Tranny Oil
  29. Time to play....what's that value?
  30. Hey Matt!!!
  31. Oil problems with 3kgt
  32. Idiot Light ID Please
  33. which injector is the best?
  34. blitz rims
  35. hard from 1st to 2nd gear???
  36. fuel filer help ASAP PLEASE!!!!
  37. spark/MFI ?
  38. will the engine be affected?
  39. paint code
  40. help on 95 headlight
  41. 1992 Mitsu 3000GT VR4 engine
  42. Buying a used 91-96 RT/TT with more than 70k miles: Good or Bad?
  43. Coolant leaking, running between heads..bad water pump?
  44. 3000gt: base vs. sl
  45. turbo research
  46. turbo timer
  47. 11:1 compression with twin turbos????
  48. Reason why people are selling testpipes?
  49. Any Group Buy interest for N/A downpipe within next couple weeks?
  50. hard to put car in gear....but only on downshift
  51. timing belt brand
  52. 720cc injector VPC chip
  53. any chance of GB for DN NA Intake Pipe?
  54. super squeakey brakes???
  55. Whats the Deal Here ????????
  56. astroglide my gas pedal?
  57. why do my brakes tick???
  58. Not the normal Power steering fluid question ;)
  59. Installed Indiglo Gauges and now ignition will not turn
  60. help! no light for heater console or shifter, no running lights, no fogs HELP!
  61. ?downpipe removal?
  62. will 95 vr4 ecu work in a 92vr4?
  63. What happened to my tranny?
  64. How to use electronic boost controller?
  65. help on turbo advice.
  66. 1st generation headlights
  67. engine swap
  68. Whats the link to removal and install of the sail panels?
  69. Removed resonator?
  70. Lounge Posts
  71. piss poor gas mileage
  72. Any thoughts on ceramic brake pads?
  73. My Clutch supposed to do this?
  74. just (14b adapter plates))
  75. dsm turbo and injectors
  76. Possible Widest tire on stock rim???
  77. wierd sound from the back,woobly shifter in gear, and smoking problem
  78. Axle/CV replacement costs
  79. engine rebuild - I'm dumb
  80. voltage
  81. when coming to a stop, RPM's are high (1600) then go back to normal in a sec or 2
  82. hey matt whatsup?
  83. Piping under the car. Please tell me they are wrong
  84. Major Questions
  85. Need help on clutch please!
  86. SNOW vs. 3000GT
  87. Condensation Under Headlight Shield
  88. S-afc Settings
  89. Teach me about RPM Limiter
  90. S-afc Help!!!!
  91. What would a tt run with these mods?
  92. metal box behind radio
  93. How to check for Vacuum Leaks?
  94. engine advice
  95. JDM Front Clip
  96. Whining noise???
  97. looking for powder coating in Central Texas???
  98. Need Help Bad Warranty
  99. Stupiud Question : what does a blow off do?
  100. 1st gen headlights adjustable?
  101. blue smoke
  102. Rough shift in 1st & R, no clutch until half way down
  103. Multiple BOV's
  104. Best Oil Filter & Location of the thing
  105. Alarm problems!
  106. Whats DIN mean?
  107. white smoke/steam
  108. Im a freakin idiot...Need help
  109. Pic's????????????
  110. Throttle Response...Problems
  111. What does the evap canister do?
  112. 91 VR4 Headlights...*easy*
  113. Price questions
  114. What would you do.. '92 or '93 VR4
  115. Cat Converter Re-install PLEASE HELP QUICK!!!
  116. 2nd gen. passenger headlight?
  117. Alternator help needed please
  118. how to?
  119. I want to beat Z06's?????
  120. would this be stupid?
  121. what are these parts
  122. O2 Sensor ground
  123. Even more confused about camber
  124. 60k mile maintenance 94 R/T
  125. transmission problem
  126. New Engine...wierd symtoms..
  127. Timing Belt Break In?
  128. Common Stealth Problems
  129. Fuel pump flow?
  130. which shocks are best
  131. New Cams? help
  132. 5th Gear Casing HELP!
  133. How much to put in a boost controller?
  134. Vtec?
  135. Problem with Rear Wiper and Reverse Lights
  136. replacing door
  137. Car got rearended...questions
  138. Hard starting
  139. Joe-P MBC a good choice for a FWD TT?
  140. arm1 vs 02 voltage
  141. sorry didn't mean to spam
  142. Timing belt breaks but replaced 18 days ago...need some advice
  143. Timing belt breaks but replaced 18 days ago...need some advice
  144. removing and drilling lifters (maybe)
  145. TOUR SPORT lights are on
  146. Okay guys I have a big problem, any help will be appreciated.
  147. How much for water pump replacement?
  148. synchro's?
  149. what kind of guage for dual pod???
  150. How many bov do I need???
  151. Cleaning 3000GT Bra
  152. The weaknesses of a 3000GT/Stealth?
  153. payment method
  154. Driveshaft problem
  155. Apexi S-AFC
  156. Is it difficult to pull the lower timing cover?
  157. Has a seatbelt ever saved your life?
  158. headlight went out, do i just replace the bulb?
  159. Could someone host a sig. pic and....
  161. High-perf...Low tech
  162. strange sound from engine bay?
  163. Are all 91-93 parts compatible with 94+??
  164. 1st gen hood hinge...
  165. pics of under the hood
  166. Where is the Fuel filter located?
  167. reverse lights arent working...
  168. !!!Need door panels in good shape!!!!
  169. keep vr4 or buy new 350z?
  170. What size lugnuts are on '95 VR-4?
  171. magnetic cylinder inside a starter.....sounds like this could have made the noise!
  172. Quaife LSD
  173. 3si membership fee
  174. Wiring Problem ( 94 base )
  175. pocket logger
  176. 4 point harness,or 3 point harness?
  177. Active Aero and other couple other questions....
  178. denso iridium plugs
  179. car overheating and i'm leaking coolant?????
  180. is SOHC tranny same as DOHC?
  181. Seatle Wa. Mechanic
  182. dohc redline @6000...WTF????
  183. engine check light w/ new bov
  184. how necessary is the starter heat shield?
  185. sound at wot??
  186. Power Window problem-- Wires bad?
  187. Just buoght egt gauge, will it work
  188. Speedo Question
  189. Plug Wires Firing Order *easy*
  190. How to turn my own crank
  191. Urgent help with throttle cable
  192. Testpipe
  193. Replaced the Slave Cylinder, on to the Master
  194. 60k question, please help.
  195. Dohc Chrysler 3.0?
  196. how much will this leak cost approx?
  197. Civic's
  198. HKS Turbo Timer Type 1 and my Keyless entry
  199. quick HP question
  200. the Value of money
  201. Have my turbos kicked the can?HELP!
  202. Getting a Stealth...reliable?
  203. sport/tour exhaust repair
  204. HELP! gas smell coming from plenum???
  205. Tranny questions............Help.
  206. Nos
  207. keyless remote
  208. exhaust and pipes ???
  209. Differences between 1G and 2G motor
  210. How many posts does it take to get to the..
  211. oil pressure
  212. rust coming from exhaust?
  213. quick fuel pump question.
  214. what is wrong with my tranny
  215. What kind of aftermarket pistons for a VR4
  216. Anyone had their flywheel Scalloped? *MOD*
  217. Loose Accelerator Pedal
  218. Quite a few questions
  219. Need help w/Headlight polishing!!!
  220. where can i get white wheels
  221. Oil Gauge Read zero? Read me!
  222. 3000GT/Stealth Appearance Changes Confusion
  223. old whistler
  224. my 3kgt is F@*&ed up, need help!!!!!
  225. Gutting Cats and CO law
  226. keyless entry transmitter
  227. cool switches?
  228. Rear Suspension Problem
  229. can a bad alternator push the starter over the edge?
  230. HELP! What options are in the 94SL drivers seat?
  231. Does the spider have the active aero?
  232. 1st gen engine in 2nd gen body?
  233. ???grindng gears when shifting, then losing all of the other gear???
  234. Compression question?
  235. Headliner
  236. False alarm
  237. Violent vibration from brakes when hot!
  238. Help me with weatherstripping!
  239. I need help/tips on an Auto-Manual Conversion!
  240. egr valve ?
  241. tranny mnt. problems
  242. Spark Plugs and 60K maintenance
  243. starter.removal...downpipe have to come down?
  244. Strange sound from the rear
  245. White Smoke from Exhaust
  246. Broken wheel stud
  247. Where can i find a new starter?
  249. starter noise...I think? help
  250. alternator belt tension, squeals like a pig!!

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