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: New Owner Questions

  1. TOB or something else?
  2. Iridium plugs
  3. 92 TT Nightmare
  4. Green oily goo..
  5. Weird Hesitation Problem
  6. Black smoke
  7. difference suspension and strut bars?
  8. Time for a new clutch??????
  9. Can I use a 215/55/R16 on my Base?
  10. What does this light in my dash mean?
  11. what are these and what part number ecu is this
  12. Bad starter?
  13. wierd idel when warm
  14. Having too much water in coolant?
  15. Need some help with my 91 VR4
  16. Can these tubes be joined
  17. BOV -> Intake recirc hose part #
  18. 3000GT 18 to 25 spline transmission issue
  19. Fuel problem? I'm stumped
  20. Changing to Blow Thru...Questions
  21. Owners manual question for '92 Stealth TT
  22. Windshield Wiper Intermittency
  23. Where does oil return line connect to?
  24. Rattling rear hatch
  25. engine oil leaking...
  26. Gauge cluster backlight fuse
  27. Vacuum Assisted Cluth Problems.......HELP
  28. tune up and little upgrade for 97 SL
  29. no power to entire car
  30. Rod Bearings and Main Bearings question
  31. Oil Cap Leak common on SOHC motors?
  32. car charger thing not working
  33. No Reverse Lights
  34. What to watch for with body and interior degrading
  35. Red 1992 Stealth paint code
  36. Low coolant level sensor
  37. looking for info on purchasing terminals and connectors
  38. Anyone ever use this set up?
  39. help me find cat for california
  40. 93 Stealth DOHC NA RPM Skipping
  41. Would you seal your headlight drain holes?
  42. testing rings?
  43. Prospective 3S buyer looking for some input.
  44. Big problem. please help :(
  45. 60k Maint. Package...
  46. Pulling to the right
  47. Mishimoto Fmic
  48. Should I part with some ? Engine noise..
  49. gauges
  50. BOV Question
  51. persuade me :)
  52. What to look for/be careful of when buying a VR-4?
  53. How can I tell what number my car is?
  54. Variable Intake/Induction Motor
  55. Where does this coolant hose go?
  56. re: AEM widebands
  57. Should ATF come out of the cooler line while cranking (Torque converter setting)
  58. average $ on parting out a vr4?
  59. Name that part & what it does
  60. Stock intake put back on - sputtering+check engine+low tach
  61. Glass or Lexans?
  62. Missing problem
  63. AEM Fuel pressure regulator help
  64. EEK!!! help quick. Just installed blow-thru setup
  65. Are there different MAF-T i can use with GM maf
  66. BOV options
  67. DS interior door panel
  68. Part identification
  69. batery cables
  70. Installed new leather seats, no harness for seat
  71. Steering Rack Interchange?
  72. I just bought a '97 3000gt, I'm looking for new headlights
  73. 1998 SL - Dangling brake hose at rear - where is it attached?
  74. trunk/hood leaks 1st gen
  75. more problems with electrical
  76. GM MAF question
  77. best way to prime new turbos
  78. grind after 20
  79. I'm just lost
  80. hesitation
  81. sohc timing belt
  82. red injectors vs green
  83. Questions about my new blue ninety two TT
  84. Which adapter for an aftermarket coolant temp gauge in the stock location?
  85. what are these plugs for?
  86. rotella oil ? yet again
  87. Possible to partially convert 3000GT SL?
  88. A/C light blinking
  89. light ?ion
  90. HID kit wiring help...
  91. some problems
  92. High Flow Cat For 3000gt
  93. Expansion Valve:
  94. battery? clickclickstart fix? both? something worse?
  95. bad headgasket...low comp?
  96. New noise after oil chage
  97. Vibrating noise when Turbos are spooling
  98. cuttin off
  99. NA and TT use the same exhaust placement/shape/hangers?
  100. TT Exhaust Mani's on NA
  101. power problem ...maf? spark blowout?? sorry...
  102. Reliability Questions
  103. Misfire and no spark
  104. Bolt Diagram
  105. Changing pulley
  106. newby tranny question
  107. How to check/adjust timing and how to tune it
  108. Magnetic plugs ?
  109. Car alarm going off.
  110. Clutch adjustment--or not...
  111. Need help with a couple of things
  112. :eek: ATX redlines to neutral when accelerating
  113. turbo piping
  114. Diagnosis help
  115. Jagged Data Log?
  116. Just received my DDM HID's...installation question
  117. Radiator Replacement
  118. Are these turbos a direct bolt on?
  119. Headers or downpipe
  120. Icon popping up below speedometer - Water level in battery?
  121. Help Identify these wires
  122. Headlights and foglights - HID projector replacements?
  123. Strange noises
  124. Front Wiper Problem
  125. OMG help with cas
  126. Part number mfi relay plz
  127. Battery terminals question...
  128. ABS problem?
  129. Now on AEM EMS w/ speed density. Maf replacements?
  130. Engine Transplanted--Low power/Messed RPMs
  131. More boost running safety
  132. High Miles.
  133. What do I need to block off when using a Intake Pressure Tester?
  134. Help with rim fitment for noob - will these fit?
  135. Digital Battery Terminal Install Help!
  136. o2 sensor wiring help PLEASE
  137. questions re: struts
  138. Maf translator
  139. engine swap issues
  140. Title/registration troubles
  141. Im in need of help asap
  142. What is the difference in a...
  143. Just got her put back together..
  144. Turbo upgrade kit?
  145. Proble with clutch?
  146. 1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT Restoration
  147. Battery Terminals and Click Click Fix!
  148. thinking about a 93 stelath rt/tt help!!!
  149. Need help
  150. Tranny Fluid Help
  151. test my ecu??
  152. Struts. RT vs RT TT
  153. hard gas pedal and different tire sizes?
  154. How do i get piston pins out?
  155. 97,SL my car engine has problem?
  156. help with STOCK turbo install from scratch.
  157. Timing belt install help
  158. cv boot/axle question! please help wanna get it done today!
  159. New water pump install
  160. General engine health questions
  161. hmmmm spun bearing?
  162. fmic or smic?
  163. Dash lights do not work
  164. HP limiter on 3000GT?
  165. Help me please. Throttle cable
  166. Tail light conversion?
  167. n00b engine question
  168. Loose wobbly shifter how do i fix this??
  169. aws delete diy???
  170. How to disconnect stock alarm
  171. Purchase advice- modded or stock?
  172. bad rings - pull plugs to override?
  173. Bump de Bump New Rear Bumper
  174. stock steering wheel
  175. Slight grind going into 3rd gear and downshifting from 5th to 4th...ideas?
  176. two sounds from bov?
  177. Walbro 255 Fuel pump on my N/A
  178. Turbo idle
  179. chirping/creaking shifter
  180. Palm Data Logger question
  181. Correct size for recirc adapter for HKS SSQV BOV?
  182. vics system what is this
  183. iv finally fixed it after almost a year.
  184. Sun Roof?
  185. 3rd Gen Center Tail Light on a 1st Gen?
  186. Loss of power when accelerating.
  187. worried about timmeing belt
  188. i know it may sound stupid but...
  189. Which final gauge to get?
  190. Tires and acceleration
  191. My new 91 TT Stealth
  192. 2g Crank in a 2 bolt
  193. Starter turns but doesn't engage
  194. Fuel pump problem
  195. car idle goees to zero when in neutral
  196. TCU problem??
  197. Air Condition Problem
  198. you tell me what to do
  199. Valves VS Timing Gears who wins?
  200. this fvcking car is plssing me off. I need serious help
  201. How to remove/replace hatch trim (outside with washer fluid squirter)
  202. Ball joint rubber
  203. 13g,9b combo
  204. Need someone who is an expert on Emanage Ultimate & Boomslang
  205. what connectors are these?
  206. tranny and transfer case oil
  207. question about engine and stock radio in 1996 3kgt SL
  208. Summer DD vs. my dash
  209. cloud of smoke from plenum
  210. White Smoke/Oil Question
  211. knock knock, whos there, detonation?
  212. speedometer not working...
  213. Pin 100
  214. OEM clutch good for 13g's?
  215. How to install new sterring wheel ?
  216. Best places for parts? (and window q)
  217. Is it really worth it?
  218. How many rubber exhaust hangers do I need?
  219. 3kgt gurus help/TT Diamante ?s
  220. Will 91-93 RT N/A MT cluster fit with 94 TT???
  221. Do MBC have a hole on ... ?
  222. 13g, methanol, and cam questions
  223. Possible injector issue question
  224. Blocker off the EGR pipe
  225. where is 700 rpms on stock tachometer?
  226. 3000Gt gen1
  227. Changing TT rear end ?
  228. Flushing engine oil?
  229. several things.
  230. Help Need Replacement Wheel
  231. AC compressor problems
  232. maf
  233. Unfixed frozen door locks??
  234. 95 gto questions .....
  235. New owner inpection/maintenance
  236. fs sections?
  237. Tick tock oh uh oh.
  238. Where to buy 6G72 Short block? + Questions
  239. 1993 vr4
  240. Door/window trim Where to buy?
  241. How do you feel about this strut bar?
  242. 1991 SOHC Mistake
  243. How much is this worth?
  244. Thinking about buying a 1994 rebuilt engine but..
  245. Ummm Problems....
  246. Check Engine Light suddenly came on
  247. 13Gs, at least temporarily
  248. cas help please
  249. How often do ECU's go bad??
  250. Oil cooler ideas...

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