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: New Owner Questions

  1. trouble shifting into Reverse
  2. Odd Problem.
  3. 93 Stealth ES DOHC Engine replacement
  4. Controller Comp (compressor lock) Overdrive Signal
  5. To Flush or not to Flush and some cooling ?'s
  6. If you read my other posts...
  7. 91 vr4 problems
  8. Coolant & Boost Problem
  9. Need advice on a rescue kit!!
  10. Car overheated and now won't start
  11. Automatic transaxle code/specs?
  12. Help..
  13. heavy grinding while driving/braking
  14. Over Heating
  15. blown head gasket
  16. 1g turn signal bulb type?
  17. front end clunking noise
  18. Car is over heating and now ideals low when I start it
  19. Cherry Hill Triplex and 3si discount
  20. Passenger Side Power window
  21. Walbro 255 Question
  22. Help! EGR or not?
  23. I don't understand cold air intakes
  24. Shift Kits.
  25. Sweet smelling white smoke from engine bay...???
  26. Won't Start :/
  27. trans grinding
  28. where is the fuse for the lighter plugs?
  29. help on trouble with rear turbo oil overflow....
  30. Advice/Help needed
  31. good deal on a 91 tt stealth
  32. newb vr4 deal searching
  33. Is there a good mechanic in Richmond Va?
  34. rear diff moving up and down problem?
  35. Conversion Or Swap?
  36. DP + catback.
  37. Wipers dont work
  38. Found data cable, any ideas?
  39. car wont start now
  40. Buying a 92 vr4 i have questions
  41. Collecting parts for AV overhaul. Opinions please?
  42. weird ignition problem. replaced a few parts still wont start
  43. 3000GT Automatic Trans Problem Help!
  44. Re: low oil pressure
  45. Popping noise when I turn to the right
  46. IAC question
  47. 91 vr4 needs help
  48. Door Latch/Lock Assembly Removal
  49. 2 questions?
  50. Question on VSS replacement - labor hours and parts
  51. I want you suggestion/ideas (calipers and rims -color)
  52. Click start fix?
  54. Blowing Fuses, anyone know why?
  55. front main seal leaking
  56. 93 3000gt stalling problems
  57. Exhaust/Straight Pipe Question
  58. TT engine question
  59. Electrical problem 93 VR-4
  60. Trim above the hatch
  61. Door Lock Problem
  62. 1st oil change on 95 vr4
  63. Help with 93 stealth tt
  64. looking to buy a rt/tt stealth help please
  65. Puttin motor together and have a question
  66. 95 ATX into a 93
  67. na bible question
  68. having problems shifting!!!!
  69. Whos good with diagnostics via data logging logs
  70. future exhaust opinions wanted
  71. upgrade upper intake
  72. Can anyone swap the ECU capacitors
  73. Odd intermitant starting, dis/reconnect battery starts right up
  74. Vaccuum Delete on 99 VR4
  75. sup fooz!
  76. Grinding noise on start-up
  77. about to buy 1998 3000 GT SL
  78. Are all turn signal/blinker levers interchangeable?
  79. Car likes to "buck" a little for about 15 minutes after start up.
  80. Fog lamp replacement bulb compatibility question.
  81. Grinding Noise When I start My Car
  82. catalytic converter bolts
  83. White Smoke From Engine (smells like gas)
  84. All Wheel Steering
  85. Oem Cd Player
  86. Need New Lifters
  87. headlights dont shut off,no power windows
  88. fitting threads
  89. 1992 RED 3KGT Whos the previous owner..
  90. coil packs
  91. upper intake polishing
  92. Speedometer way off
  93. Strange Interior Lighting Problem
  94. Thinking about a 3000GT VR4. Have some questions
  95. doors always close on me when i open them
  96. Leaking antifreeze
  97. CAS question
  98. New owner/member. Couple questions...
  99. different ecu's
  100. Car wont start after 9months
  101. car almost dies after redline no load?
  102. Exhaust Manifold Fitment Issue
  103. Is this wire group stock, half aftermarket, or all aftermarket?
  104. Qustion about BOV
  105. Piston position matters?
  106. Door lock actuators.
  107. Steering wheel rewrap
  108. car smoking/turbos blowing oil
  109. Shifter bearings ?'s
  110. Fuel Pressure
  111. Ignition problem?
  112. Oil Pressure Sender Connection
  113. Parts interchangable
  114. Indictor light
  115. Rear garnish question
  116. Pillar gauge pod
  117. PLEASE HELP! car stalls and wont start with no spark
  118. Anyone Willing to Help me in the Area?
  119. Anyone have a car with Albany Black Mica paint?
  120. dot 3 , 4 or 5
  121. Alternator/AC/PS pump belt - part number?
  122. Major Crisis For Me Help! Front Mani Problem
  123. 3000gt vr4 GReddy single shot exhaust
  124. Broken Timing Belt Hurt my motor?
  125. sparkplugs help. NGK V-POWER plugs?
  126. Help choosing the right clutch kit
  127. Complete 3000GT Service Manual E-Book
  128. powder coating
  129. upper intake spacer
  130. Tire size question
  131. ATX fluid what to use? where to get it?
  132. 3rd gen steering wheel in 2g 3/s
  133. Will i hurt my car if i dont have an AC condensor?
  134. header vs downpipe
  135. Where is the Steering Angular Sensor located?
  136. Collapsed lifters or Spun bearing ?
  137. need help asap
  138. megan downpipe on 1g
  139. '99 front bumper fit a 94 TT?
  140. Fuel pump question
  141. Selling?
  142. need help on radio and weird sound
  143. little exhaust question
  144. Adjusting fuel door cable
  145. somthing weird happend today?
  146. Tranny Issues - Should I Buy?
  147. Carbon Fibre Sail Panels
  148. 95 3000gt Sl
  149. 95 3k/ SL Headlights
  150. occasional weird idle
  151. can i attempt start this car
  152. Power Steering line
  153. 16g Snail shells?
  154. Planning on buying a VR4 but....
  155. Extreme brake fade and cooling question
  156. car idles verry low after warm up.
  157. Looking to Own.
  158. Fogs and brights
  159. nitrous oxide for a noob with a built engine
  160. Nitrogen tire fill..
  161. does the "Eco" "PWR" switch make a difference?
  162. throttle body question
  163. Just seeing my Options...
  164. Lights not working
  165. Idle question IAC/ISC
  166. Quick seafoam and Lucas questions
  167. Car Cover.. illegal?
  168. Clutch question...
  169. Variable Pop-up lights or lazy eyes
  170. Help, Will Dryer and Exp from ..
  171. 1 location question one Lube question
  172. Ask Your Newbiest Questions Ever!
  173. Exhaust
  174. Starter Mods.
  175. Best power vs cash?
  176. is the vr4 the right car for me?
  177. Over Drive Not working (not end clutch problem)
  178. 1g HID Fog lights.
  179. 1g body 2g engine and 6 speed
  180. EGR and Check Engine Light
  181. Cost to own
  182. Wont let me post in the Miscellaneous class...
  183. What is the purpose of Vac reduction? and ABS question
  184. Did I get a good deal on a 99' Base?
  185. Car not starting
  186. Stumbling under throttle
  187. Intake leak questions
  188. Help/Guide for changing out Camshaft angle sensor on 93?
  189. Cold, won't start.
  190. what are good guages for a 1995 3k SL
  191. JVC kw-avx820
  192. LSD question
  193. suggestions for current vr4 mods?
  194. Carbon fiber hood
  195. i lost my drive shaft please help me find it
  196. Something leaking on front right side of car?
  197. vr4 94 issues -Help
  198. Syncromesh issue?
  199. RFL bov
  200. Parts
  201. 94 3000gt dash light
  202. Rough Ride
  203. best octane for dohc?
  204. hood question
  205. Just bought a VR4 have a few questions
  206. my stupid car (rant, CAPS IN VISTA, happy new year)
  207. Heater on 3000gt
  208. 1994 3000gt
  209. new owner of 3000gt needs help
  210. rebuilding throttle body, have some Q's...
  211. 4th gear dropped to 2000 rpms
  212. Lifters
  213. TT Conversion?
  214. can't start the car
  215. Car dissengages during turn.
  216. Safe to use RED coolant??
  217. Need some advice on buying a vr4
  218. Car died without warning.
  219. Whole Bunch Of Problems
  220. Feel Free to add at Will
  221. Car runs better with MAF unpluged
  222. Stroker kits and engine compression ratio
  223. Stall at idle
  224. Ebay Flywheel & Clutch Question...
  225. 3/s Values
  226. Extreme Coolant Leak
  227. Will MAF off a nonturbo fit a turbo (1st Gen)
  228. how to clean the engine bay
  229. What is needed to diagnose a check engine light on a 98 3000GT?
  230. Car starts fine, but doesn't start again for a while if it stalls.
  231. Would a K&N air filter F*** Up my Stock MAF?
  232. Calipers won't come off, need help please.
  233. base 300gt volt metter
  234. Odometer not working
  235. Gentlemen...
  236. which spark plug wires go where?
  237. Extra keyless transmitter for 3000gt?
  238. Thermostat or Waterpump?
  239. instrument cluster bulb size
  240. Suspension Control Blink
  241. Car died on the highway! Symptoms...
  242. newb cold air intake
  243. can vss be changed without removing cams?
  244. N00b exhaust question
  245. Possible New Owner w/questions THX
  246. What should a stock boost gauge read?
  247. turbo/na alternators
  248. Oil light flickers and gauge acts funky... please help
  249. HELP!! car has a few minor issues
  250. 60k/120k Service

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