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: Miscellaneous

  1. Body kit worth it?
  2. 3000gt poster
  3. stuck oil pressure gauge?
  4. vr 4 manifold flange...?
  5. '99 Rear garnish/reverse panel - if you have one please read
  6. CarFax - can anyone run one tonite?
  7. 1st gen bra's
  8. safcII screen problem
  9. Bomex Lip+Skirt Pics Wanted
  10. New Tails!!!
  11. Climate Control System Conversion
  12. any way of converting Stealth rear end to 3000gt?
  13. cooler air for your intake
  14. Seat Covers?!
  15. volt meter
  16. A/C condenser
  17. wing
  18. A little hlp please???
  19. APEXi Air Fuel Gauge
  20. Shift knobs
  21. BOV and VLS
  22. It's just a frickin light bulb.....
  23. I really need help!
  24. fuel problems
  25. fuel problems
  26. datalogger help needed
  27. Sylvania side markers
  28. boost gauge question
  29. Noise coming through stock stereo system
  30. Windows wont go down
  31. Boost control help!
  32. Fidenza flywheel+RPS clutch=Stall?
  33. How to Cut a 99 bumper
  34. gauges!
  35. DRBII Instructions and Questions, SRS light fix
  36. Looking for nice pics of Red sports cars
  37. Hit and Run last night need advice?
  38. Knocking Lifter??
  39. racing seats off of ebay
  40. guage lights and interior work
  41. Window replacement..
  42. Thermostat Question
  43. HELP!: climate control panel is out
  44. Rear seats. Weight?
  45. Base/Es/RT/TT difference
  46. door panel help
  47. How to replace Carpet panels on Side of doors (top)
  48. solenoid valve
  49. vr4
  50. injector crack
  51. bondo
  52. Screwed my taillights up
  53. Chrome 3000GT lettering?
  54. condensation in my tail light
  55. Blow off valve and ECU
  56. T-Belt Question
  57. Just bought new cams for my heads HELP!!
  58. Locked your keys in?!?! No Problem - Stealths
  59. Changing oil?
  60. need autometer gauge night pics plz
  61. Problems unlocking passenger door
  62. Sheffield snakes
  63. Found clear first gen headlights
  64. California - I want to suggest a Vehicle Code forcing SUV's to use right lanes
  65. Fluidampr is now making import Harmonic Balancers, But not for us
  66. Having problems with starting and keeping it going
  67. Cant wait to start modding
  68. Central NJ mechanic
  69. Anybody with Pivot Headlight Controler?
  70. 2nd gen CF hood on 1st gen?
  71. unmodded 2nd gen bumper on 1st gen
  72. Need Honeycombs!
  73. NA radiator on a TT?
  74. ES to 1st gen 3000gt rear bumper conversion question
  75. Good light source for boost gauge
  76. Tech Flunkie....
  77. URGENT: Easiest Place to grab 12V+ (ON position) from?
  78. ROFL vs. HAHA
  79. where to buy 4 ga ring terminal ends?
  80. mod for stock rims
  81. Camera mount
  82. New pedals
  83. Hail...
  84. Greddy Type s
  85. Jerky oil pressure Gauge vid inside
  86. Is it possible to 1st gen a 2nd gen?
  87. Who has access to the STALKER DUAL SL users manual?
  88. How much current does the Solenoid draw?
  89. Power windows and locks???
  90. The "no more hole in my console" mod
  91. Night shades spray tint
  92. Climate Control Replacement
  93. Looking for help/advice in DC area with quick MOD for starter (Tuner or owner)
  94. 1st gen 99 bumper
  95. CAN'T turn off Rear Windshield Wiper (how does the switch work!?!)
  96. Rolled 94 RT TT
  97. headlight assembaly
  98. wtf is with this starting problem
  99. Power seats in a base model
  100. 99 Spoiler on a First gen
  101. What is the best way to smoke lenses?
  102. Dome Lights
  103. Carbon Fiber overlay
  104. Make hatch/trunk power and keyless
  105. check engine light coming on at a weird time and hisitation
  106. car keeps stalling..please help me?
  107. Dress it up!
  108. Coil Problem.
  109. How do I fix an exhaust leak???
  110. Stealth in the high 4's?
  111. 3000gt Vs. Grand Prix GTP
  112. best jackstand placement for long-term work
  113. Any Vegas or Arizona owners have trouble getting there car started in the heat??
  114. Ebay ... Must See!
  115. Ignition fuse keeps blowing! Need help fast
  116. 1st gen clear corners
  117. Help : squeeky noises from front tires.
  118. Cold air intake
  119. Lifter Tick?
  120. ebay replacement antenna??
  121. Adjustable Stealth Spoiler???
  122. best cat back system for a vr4
  123. The Perfect Turbo
  124. OBDII 95 3000gt (is it or isnt it)
  125. Fixed SRS light the HARD way
  126. bumper swap
  127. Airbag Cover WTF!?! HELP!!
  128. Nite shades Part 2
  129. Hotsync cable ok for datalogger?
  130. engine tiks
  131. Startup Problem
  132. car starting help!
  133. Cryo Kits
  134. LED Taillights
  135. PLEASE HELP! Broken Pop-ups
  136. pics from headlight peeling fix...
  137. Question for those who have replaced center guage faces
  138. *** Car won't start *** (tried almost everything)
  139. Any 3s on Air Bags?
  140. needle lighting
  141. Help Asap Please
  142. Bumper Canards
  143. Car Won't start-STILL
  144. Accessories lighting all f'd up?
  145. Head Porting?
  146. Throttle and Exhaust
  147. Best 1st Gen Headlight Mod?
  148. lights help plz
  149. help on lights plz
  150. help on lights plz
  151. im lookin for a new spoiler...
  152. Turbo Timer and aftermarket alarm
  153. 1st gen sleepy eyes?
  154. Overheating
  155. tips on removing the hood
  156. 1000 miles?
  157. Blacked out turn signals on 94 ^ Stealth
  158. Problem with Viper GTS!!!
  159. FET turbo timer
  160. 5 spd swap w/ auto eclipse gsx
  161. Is EK2 Development still running?
  162. Any ways to fix scratches on plastic molding?
  163. ***car Wont Start***
  164. CHange Sparkplugs CAREFULLY
  165. Commando security and turbo timer
  166. What is a definitive MAX safe operating temp (water/coolant)?
  167. Optima batteries?
  168. Idle after tune up???
  169. Problems fitting Quaife LSD on my car?
  170. emisions testing
  171. 97 spoiler on ebay ?
  172. Gauge lighting wiring
  173. can you carfax???
  174. AC Autotechnic gauges
  175. 94-98 sail panel fix PICS
  176. 2 seater conversion questions
  177. Gauge pod question
  178. How long to wash/wax after new paint job?
  179. Swapped out my A/C Compressor: Help on pulling the vacuum?
  180. will 94 foglights fit 97 bumper?
  181. nos?
  182. 3 NEW HOODS, 91-93 and 94-99!
  183. Good place for interior mods?
  184. Passenger power window has a mind of its own..
  185. A fair asking price for my car
  186. noobish pocket/datalog questions.....
  187. Pivot headlight controller help
  188. anyone have any tips for pulling windows out? (in this case, the back corner windows)
  189. alarm help
  190. Jacksonville Fl
  191. New? Gauge Pod design
  192. Where to buy painted bumper?
  193. Right hand drive
  194. iRotors: Undiscovered brake options for our cars!
  195. ATX : 2nd gear takes a while to engage
  196. Carbon Fiber Bodykit + Wing
  197. Horn doesn’t work on my car....
  198. '99 sail panels pictures wanted
  199. Brand New Blitz Ss Bov For Sale
  200. 1st Gen Stealth RT n/a cosmetics help?
  201. Possible Redo: Viper Wrecked by Shop Mechanic
  202. Window Tints...reflective?
  203. fiber reinforced plastic hood
  204. My New Katzkin Seats!
  205. does anyone know how to fit the 95 fog lights on a 99 front end?
  206. APEXi EL2 Boost Gauge do they make it in PSI?
  207. key ring bulb
  208. Windoweld you old motor mounts!! no?
  209. Stock Valve Diameter
  210. Do they make clear corners for Stealths?
  211. mesh grille question..Anyone with erebuni front nosecone, please help!
  212. body damage question....need help!!
  213. auto up windows...
  214. Ever wonder what 99 headlights would look like on a non 99?
  215. RT rear bumpers VS ES/other bumpers
  216. Free Nanowax from Eagle 1.
  217. Pics of switches for neons as requested
  218. Pics mounted switches for neons
  219. another SRS light post
  220. Sound clips of Greddy type-S?
  221. i need a carfax please
  222. defroster plasic cover???
  223. LED conversion questions
  224. Wheel powdercoating idea
  225. keyless entry system?
  226. Are my rotors warped? Help.
  227. Where's that whine coming from?
  228. 2nd gen headlight conversion
  229. grounding wires = waste of money?
  230. damn, wish i had 30 grand...
  231. Paint question???
  232. keypad and push button starter
  233. curise control
  234. Brand New Shift Knob For Free!
  235. Obsolete Radar Detectors - POP-Mode speed measuring
  236. Foglights
  237. Car bra's...
  238. 2nd Gen Conversion deal!
  239. looking for harness bar
  240. IDLE at 100????
  241. WANT FREE HP??? N/A only
  242. Engine noise....is this a problem?
  243. denso fuel pump number, can't find the flow
  244. Call Out To Anyone That Is Imaginative And Wants To Design A Lambo Door Kit
  245. Speed Factor's latest project. Fiberglass interior panelling
  246. I got 6k to spend and want to make the best of it
  247. Got seats from Ebay tell me what you think
  248. our keys have "chips" or not?
  249. My friend had an idea for stock/cutom gauges
  250. flanges?

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